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February 13, 2018—The Marshall Plan—the costly and ambitious initiative to revive western Europe after World War II—marked the true beginning of the …... [Read More]
February 20, 2018—"The relationship between the United States and Indonesia has long underperformed its potential," writes Joshua Kurlantzick, senior…... [Read More]
European leaders are rushing to implement new laws to curb disinformation on social media. However, existing European data protection laws might actually make it harder... [Read More]
The United States and Indonesia should collaborate on checking China's growing assertiveness in the South China Sea and combating terrorism and piracy in Southeast Asia,... [Read More]
His forthright remarks represent a paradigm shift in that country's governance and governing principles and provides an opportunity for the United States to reengage with... [Read More]
After declaring the "rebalance" to Asia dead, the Trump administration's "Free and Open Indo-Pacific" strategy appears to be pursing similar goals: containing China's ability to... [Read More]
Yesterday the government of Bahrain condemned a leading human rights activist, Nabeel Rajab, to five years in prison. His crime: tweeting.Rajab has b…... [Read More]
Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Alan Alexandroff, director of the Global Summitry project at the University of Toronto's Munk School …... [Read More]
Up until 2014, the growth in central bank dollar reserves closely mapped to the increase in U.S. net external debt. The past few years have been different:... [Read More]
The U.S.-Indonesia relationship has often disappointed. It's time to rethink U.S.-Indonesia ties and try to achieve real security goals, rather than make bold plans for... [Read More]
Some stories do not leave you. You cannot forget them long after you tell them. And you wonder, often, how they end.... [Read More]
This guest post is co-authored by Joshua Busby, associate professor of public affairs at the Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and …... [Read More]
This update represents violence in Nigeria and related to Boko Haram in Cameroon, Chad, and Niger between February 10 to February 16, 2018. [Read More]
The Atlantic's Julia Ioffe joins CFR's James M. Lindsay to discuss Russian president Vladimir Putin's political goals. [Read More]
Read an excerpt of Foreign Policy Begins at Home.The biggest threat to the United States comes not from abroad but from within. This is the... [Read More]
This week: accusing Russia over NotPetya, cyber threats to the United States, gTLDs, and more on the Equifax breach. ... [Read More]
The U.S. military is prepared for a number of contingencies with regard to North Korea, but the best path forward is diplomacy aimed at denuclearization. [Read More]
By the middle of 2017, following Emmanuel Macron's dominant victory in France's elections, the relative underperformance of populist parties in elect…... [Read More]
Monday is Presidents' Day. To get you in the proper celebratory mood, TWE presents its seventh annual Presidents' Day quiz. If you are feeling up... [Read More]
The foundation's prize committee stated that Sirleaf had shown exceptional leadership, and noted that Liberia was the only African country out of fifty-four to improve... [Read More]
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