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An ancient farming community roughly 9,000 years ago faced shockingly modern problems, a new study released Monday has discovered. [Read More]
Despite sounding like a joke, the unmanned long-range submarine vehicle Boaty McBoatface is helping scientists conduct serious research on rising sea levels brought on by... [Read More]
Nearly a third of Los Angeles renters spend over half their income on rent. It's a startling figure that housing advocates say is directly connected... [Read More]
In 2010, officials in south London extended interest free loans to hundreds of families who were facing eviction. Now, a study finds the scheme could... [Read More]
The question of how clouds form in Mars' atmosphere may have been answered in a new study released Monday: meteors. [Read More]
Dallas police took a suspected shooter into custody at the downtown federal courthouse early Monday morning after exchanging gunfire, with no injuries of bystanders reported. [Read More]
The Supreme Court blocked Republican lawmakers 5-4 on Monday from appealing a ruling that found they had gerrymandered voting districts to hurt black voters. [Read More]
Dealing a blow to an East Harlem poet's free-speech claims, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Monday that operating a public access channel does not turn a... [Read More]
In a decision that could have implications for convicted former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that a person can face... [Read More]
Upholding a law that prohibits uranium mining in Virginia, the divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that federal law does not pre-empt the state ban. [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar pitched their bid for office before a sold out crowd of Virginia Democrats Saturday night, just... [Read More]
Of the workers eligible to vote, 1,609 cast secret paper ballots that asked whether or not they wanted the United Auto Workers to represent them,... [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro put on his hat as former head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in a visit Friday to... [Read More]
Courts may not second-guess the U.S. military's decisions, a Justice Department lawyer argued Friday in urging the Ninth Circuit to reverse an injunction against a... [Read More]
A law tightening Nevada gun restrictions in the aftermath of a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017 that left 58 people dead was... [Read More]
Striking down the abortion ban 2-1, the D.C. Circuit ruled Friday that the Trump administration cannot force underage immigrants to carry their pregnancies to term. [Read More]
the largest lamb slaughterhouse in the United States - has settled a False Claims Act lawsuit over its failure to make lambs unconscious or unable... [Read More]
With an invitation to the first Democratic presidential debates officially in tow, Congressman Eric Swalwell returned to his home state of California on Friday to... [Read More]
After three women dressed in burqas attacked a police station in Mombasa, Kenya, in September 2016, the Islamic State praised the assailants as "supporters" of... [Read More]
Dubbed by supporters as the "strongest tenant protections in history," New York legislators passed new rent-control laws Friday that curtail landlords' power. [Read More]
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