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A group of eleven California mayors joined state legislators in Sacramento on Wednesday to ask for help with the growing homeless crisis across the state... [Read More]
Former governor and Libertarian vice presidential candidate William Weld is asking the federal court to toss a Massachusetts law awarding all 11 of the state's... [Read More]
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced additional reward money totaling $1.5 million for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for murdering... [Read More]
In a state with the country's lowest literacy rates and largest prison populations, lawmakers and nonprofit workers gathered at an auction block in downtown Atlanta... [Read More]
A federal judge sparked division in the digital-media realm by finding that media outlets had violated a photographer's copyright by embedding a tweet that contained... [Read More]
An immigrant who was sentenced for illegal re-entry based on a miscalculated recommendation courted sympathy Wednesday from the Supreme Court. [Read More]
The range of potential health benefits from drinking red wine might include protection against cavities and gum disease, a new study finds. [Read More]
A lesbian couple claims in court that several government agencies refused to allow them to adopt a refugee child through a federally funded adoption agency... [Read More]
The Wisconsin Senate passed a bill Tuesday night that would prohibit government employees from using their work-issued insurance plan to pay for abortions, except in... [Read More]
Chattanooga, Tennessee, filed court papers to relinquish responsibility for the maintenance of a local Confederate cemetery, in one of the latest developments in the national... [Read More]
The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday that sales of existing homes fell in January from a year earlier by the most in more than... [Read More]
A federal judge denied bail Wednesday to a New York City math teacher accused of paying students to help him and his twin brother build... [Read More]
A divided Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that a federal statute governing how much prevailing prisoners must pay their lawyers is unambiguous, and that as... [Read More]
A securities whistleblower must alert regulators to benefit from federal anti-retaliation protections, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, dealing a blow to a man who reported... [Read More]
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday that Americans injured in a 1997 Hamas suicide bombing cannot seize clay tablets and other Iranian artifacts from... [Read More]
The Supreme Court cleared the way for an appeal Wednesday by a self-styled "constitutional bounty hunter" who brought guns to the U.S. Capitol. [Read More]
The Virginia General Assembly Wednesday advanced legislation to expand public access court records with bipartisan support after a local paper lost a lawsuit seeking information... [Read More]
Seeking a federal injunction on Tuesday, a parents' group claims a San Diego Unified School District program to reduce anti-Islamic bullying unconstitutionally favors Islamic students... [Read More]
A federal jury in San Antonio on Tuesday began deliberating 11 felony charges against state Senator Carlos Uresti, who is accused of helping to run... [Read More]
A California manufacturing company has agreed to clean up its act as part of a settlement agreement, by ensuring storm water runoff from its Ventura... [Read More]
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