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The United Nations voted the Democratic Republic of Congo to its 47-member Human Rights Council on Monday, months after uncovering 38 probable mass graves in... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Monday that he believes Cuba is responsible for unexplained attacks in Cuba that the U.S. says have injured at least 22... [Read More]
Going against his own party, California Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday vetoed a President Donald Trump-inspired proposal that would have required presidential candidates to release... [Read More]
In Douglas Adams' novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," dolphins are said to be smarter than humans — a point that may be closer... [Read More]
California took a step toward making college more affordable with Gov. Jerry Brown's signature of a bill to provide a free year of college to... [Read More]
Though it opted not to take up the case, the Supreme Court issued a statement Monday about its interest in eschewing agency deference from contract... [Read More]
Justice Neil Gorsuch took no part in the Supreme Court's decision Monday to take up a drug case Monday that Gorsuch first heard months earlier... [Read More]
Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl pleaded guilty Monday to desertion and misbehavior before the enemy for walking away from his post in Afghanistan in 2009, a... [Read More]
The Supreme Court on Monday said it will take up the case of a Virginia man who says his conviction on a federal firearms charge... [Read More]
Three liberal justices dissented Monday from the U.S. Supreme Court's rejection of a challenge to Florida's death-sentencing procedures, saying the high court should have decided... [Read More]
A federal jury said it will have a verdict Monday against the New Jersey man charged with carrying out a series of nonfatal bombings in... [Read More]
American Express must head to the Supreme Court, the justices said Monday, to defend its policy of banning merchants from asking consumers to use lower-fee... [Read More]
The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether a law that predates the modern internet allows U.S. prosecutors to seize Microsoft emails abroad. [Read More]
The Illinois attorney general accuses Federal Student Loan Relief in its many iterations, et al., of student loan fraud; click headline to see the defendants... [Read More]
Before I get into this week's topic, let me make one thing perfectly clear: You're never going to see me wearing a "Make Journalism Great... [Read More]
An officer who fatally shot an Idaho rancher is a survivalist obsessed with guns and the collapse of society, the rancher's family says in a... [Read More]
A federal judge Friday afternoon heard arguments for and against dismissing an antitrust case against cellphone chipset maker Qualcomm, during which attorneys posed novel legal questions... [Read More]
Pacific Gas and Electric's operation of dams, tunnels and a 109-year-old power plant on Northern California's Eel River harms endangered salmon and steelhead, two conservation... [Read More]
Attorneys haggled Friday in the D.C. Superior Court over whether the government should be allowed to proceed with search warrants for Facebook accounts associated with... [Read More]
Born in San Francisco to Mexican immigrants, Judge David De Alba's love for baseball as an adolescent grew into a thirst for jurisprudence. After 38... [Read More]
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