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Pennsylvania warrants issued for Christy allege burglary, probation violation and failure to appear for an aggravated assault case. [Read More]
A 56-year-old Sunbury man accused of aggravated assault with a baseball bat was taken into custody this morning after police raided his room at the... [Read More]
SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Police in San Francisco have arrested a suspect in connection with several recent armed robberies in the city's Portola... [Read More]
Aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and harassment charges were dismissed against Destiny Corvi, 31, of Kittanning, during her preliminary hearing this week... [Read More]
Police have charged a 14-year-old Lebanon boy with aggravated assault and other offenses after he allegedly stabbed a 13-year-old boy several times in the abdomen... [Read More]
One person has been charged after an assault. [Read More]
A former University of New England student has been found guilty of criminal restraint and domestic violence assault. After a few hours of deliberation Thursday... [Read More]
On June 11, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began looking into use of force allegations related to an incident that occurred on White Pine Estate... [Read More]
Uber driver Shaunisha Danielle Brown has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault after stabbing two riders for vomiting in her car... [Read More]
LAKE ANDES—A man arrested in July for threatening people in a bar with an airsoft gun while intoxicated was sentenced to two months in jail... [Read More]
A Morgan County sheriff's deputy has been charged with official misconduct and aggravated assault after a use of force allegation earlier this year. [Read More]
Georgia police say a teenager argued with his mother and then stabbed her 11 times, leaving her in critical condition. Bremen Police Chief Keith Pesnell... [Read More]
The man who allegedly shot a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper in the face with a pellet gun has been arrested. Cesar Antonio... [Read More]
41-year-old Terrell Bailey was arrested and charged with Murder, Aggravated Assault, and Attempted Armed Robbery in connection with a botched Waffle House robbery and shooting... [Read More]
ALIQUIPPA —After surrounding a Jones Street house for nearly five hours Wednesday, state police entered the residence and discovered the suspect they were after was... [Read More]
Andrew Ryan will serve time in state prison for aggravated assault of his wife, but his time in criminal court is likely not over. [Read More]
The Scottsdale man accused of shooting a Phoenix police officer during a traffic stop has been indicted on attempted murder and aggravated assault charges. FOX... [Read More]
In this very graphic footage of another unarmed Black man being shot by officers of the law, the results from the following footage has provided... [Read More]
Clearwater Police Officers arrested a Brandon man in a road rage incident that happened in rush hour on Tuesday morning. 46-year old Scott Leckington... [Read More]
A 29-year-old Kansas woman who was arrested after her boyfriend was stabbed to death has been released from jail after she claimed the killing was... [Read More]