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A Democratic Socialist student group at an Iowa college appeared to make death threats on Twitter against capitalists and President Trump -- the latter message... [Read More]
A federal judge denied former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's request to vacate his criminal contempt conviction after he was pardoned by President Trump.       ... [Read More]
President Donald Trump went off on the American ally Great Britain in a Friday morning tweet. Trump warned Britain about the striking rise in criminal... [Read More]
A federal judge shot down Sheriff Joe Arpaio's request to have his criminal conviction wiped from his record on Thursday, according to the Arizona Daily... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is misrepresenting a report on British crime statistics by blaming an uptick in police-reported incidents on "Radical Islamic terror."... [Read More]
Saying the president can't erase facts, a federal judge on Thursday rejected a bid by former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to have all record... [Read More]
President Trump has reportedly conducted interviews for at least two of the potential candidates for U.S. attorney general positions in New York, according to a... [Read More]
The federal judge who oversaw the criminal case against Joe Arpaio says President Trump's pardon of the former sheriff's convictions does not require their legal reasoning be... [Read More]
Judge Susan Bolton denies former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's request to vacate his  conviction after he was pardoned by President Trump. [Read More]
Newly released FBI documents confirm that ousted FBI Director James Comey "protected Hillary Clinton," according to a series of tweets by President Trump. by C.... [Read More]
As Mueller's inquiry advances, charges that he is a partisan political operative closely aligned with former FBI Director Comey may build to the point where... [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is compromised. He has to be. Deep State has something on him and the Attorney General is acting irrationally. How else... [Read More]
President Trump declared on Twitter Wednesday that James Comey "totally protected Hillary Clinton," after the FBI confirmed the former FBI boss drafted a statement on... [Read More]
Some of the nation's most prominent prosecutors, police chiefs and criminal justice overhaul advocates are expected to urge President Trump to change his policies on... [Read More]
As President Trump fuels tension with Mexico with his plan to construct a wall across the shared border, a cluttered used bookstore on Capitol Hill... [Read More]
Attorneys in San Francisco Monday began questioning prospective jurors for one of San Francisco's most notorious murder cases: the killing of 32-year-old Kate Steinle by... [Read More]
During a Rose Garden press conference, Trump dismissed the allegations as politically motivated. [Read More]
President Donald Trump is calling allegations of sexual assault made against him over the years "fake news." Trump is responding during a freewheeling Rose Garden... [Read More]
President Trump on Monday again denied allegations of sexual assault made against him before he took office, calling the claims "fake news" and "made-up stuff." [Read More]
Lawyers for one of the women accusing president Trump of sexual assault have subpoenaed his campaign. Attorneys for Summer Zervos are requesting the campaign submit... [Read More]