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A man has pleaded guilty to killing a Colorado woman, telling a judge that he and his wife broke into the home of a 74-year-old... [Read More]
He has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder in the child's death from November of last year. [Read More]
The woman charged in an April 3rd fatal hit and run entered pleas Friday in Shawnee County District Court. Alexis Nolte pleaded guilty to second... [Read More]
A Kent County jury on Friday found Robin Root guilty of second-degree murder in the death of her former landlord, whose charred body was found... [Read More]
A 26-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday to second-degree murder for the 2017 death of an Illinois man in Gilpin County. [Read More]
Jerrod Ledet is wanted for attempted second-degree murder after a verbal altercation at a gas station. [Read More]
A Modesto, California, man on Thursday pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for driving high on methamphetamine before careening off Highway 99 and killing a motorcyclist... [Read More]
A Walkertown man was convicted Friday morning of fatally shooting a man who was running away from him. [Read More]
A Crestview man will be going to prison for 35 years. The State Attorney's Office announced that Terry Boldridge was convicted of attempted second... [Read More]
The judge has finished hearing evidence at a Dartmouth youth's trial for second-degree murder in the killing of Chelsie Probert. [Read More]
Police have made two arrests in Sioux Falls in connection with a homicide earlier this week. Authorities arrested 29-year-old Henry Little Long and 23-year-old Kelsey... [Read More]
Sioux Falls police have arrested two people in connection with a homicide earlier this week. Authorities say 29-year-old Henry Little Long is charged with second-degree... [Read More]
A Trinity County man will stand trial on second-degree murder charges in a wreck that killed a woman and her unborn baby. [Read More]
Jared Ledet is wanted on Attempted Second Degree Murder charges. [Read More]
Thu Hong Nguyen will be sentenced Friday for a range of charges, including two counts of second-degree murder in the 2015 deaths of two Kansas City,... [Read More]
A 23-year-old Port Orange man was sentenced Friday to 45 years in prison for stabbing his mother's boyfriend to death during a fight at her house.Dylan Reitzel... [Read More]
Two people have been arrested by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office on charges of attempted second-degree murder after a woman was found with severe brain... [Read More]
The suspects allegedly pushed the woman off their back porch. [Read More]
Victim was found covered in mud in Sulphur. [Read More]
A Forsyth County jury on Friday convicted a Walkertown man of second-degree murder in the 2016 shooting death of another man. [Read More]