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U.S. Secret Service agents arrested two people Friday after they said they found tools to steal credit card information from consumers and machines to make... [Read More]
Who Is Michael Arega? Man Arrested For 'Kill All White Police' Threat ... [Read More]
Judge tells Shaun Bridges that his actions are "among the worst of crimes." [Read More]
Secret Service apprehends Texas man who traveled to D.C.; Ellison Barber reports from Washington. [Read More]
North Dakota native Clint Hill, who worked as a secret service agent for President John F. Kennedy—and is known as the agent who dove on... [Read More]
Representatives of federal, state and local law enforcement announced Tuesday the formation of the Connecticut Cyber Task Force to investigate complex crimes in cyberspace. ... [Read More]
'Secret Service says they are aware of that post'... [Read More]
Another day, another death threat against President Trump. The Democratic Socialists student group at Iowa State University called for shooting President Trump in a tweet... [Read More]
A Democratic Socialist student group at an Iowa college appeared to make death threats on Twitter against capitalists and President Trump -- the latter message... [Read More]
D.C. police are investigating a suspicious package at the White House after an individual  jumped over the concrete barrier, according to tweets from the Secret... [Read More]
A woman was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly attacking multiple people and hiding in the Secret Service office in Nashville. The incident began... [Read More]
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According to Yemassee Police, their department uncovered a large scale credit card skimming ring subsequent to a traffic stop on Interstate 95 last week. The... [Read More]
A former Secret Service agent and founder of a security education consultation firm breaks down safety concerns following the Vegas shooting. [Read More]
In the wake of the tragic events in Las Vegas many are asking what steps you can take to protect yourself in the event of... [Read More]
64-year-old Stephen Paddock identified as the gunman; reaction from Dan Bongino, former U.S. Secret Service agent. [Read More]
A 22-year-old Oswego man has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison for threatening to murder Secret Service Agent and his family. [Read More]
Joshua Furbeck will serve two 42-month sentences concurrently, according to the Department of Justice. [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr.'s Secret Service protection has been reactivated, sources familiar with the matter told CNN. [Read More]