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Two new Disney videos detail how all of the Pixar movies are part of the same extended universe, confirming fans' long-held theories. [Read More]
John Oliver gets interrupted by 'Game of Thrones, 'Silicon Valley,' and the 'Curb' god himself in a new 'Last Week Tonight' teaser. [Read More]
Japanese motoring company Kawasaki said on Wednesday it was ending its association with reality TV show "The New Celebrity Apprentice" because of President... [Read More]
ABC FOX Montana provides local news, breaking news, weather, sports and information for Western and South Central Montana. Tune in to the ABC News at 5:30, 10pm and the FOX Montana News... [Read More]
Only in Hollywood, where fiction is king and leftism is the prevailing ideology, would Planned Parenthood be portrayed as a leader for racial equality and freedom. By Raven Clabough... [Read More]
'Metal Gear' creator Hideo Kojima pens essay for Glixel that examines 'La La Land,' Damien Chazelle's romantic musical comedy. [Read More]
The president invited in artists and sought others out, from novelists to rappers to musicians to actors. [Read More]
Dressing the first lady has long been considered an honor for fashion designers. This year, however, the choice has become more political than ever. [Read More]
The First Friday arts festival is set for 5-11 p.m. Feb. 3 at throughout the 18b Arts District, near Charleston Boulevard and Main Street. The event includes live entertainment, artists' booths, food vendors,... [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Wednesday that climate change is real, but he is skeptical of the degree to which humans contribute. [Read More]
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will travel to the United States to face charges he says he faces there for whistleblowing only if his "rights are guaranteed," his website said on Wednesday."Assange is still... [Read More]
Using computer models, ecologists think they have finally hit upon the reason for the strange polkadot patches scattered across the Namib desert... [Read More]
A bail hearing for Noor Salman, 30, was set for Feb. 1.       ... [Read More]
The disclosure that the nominee, Mick Mulvaney, failed to pay more than $15,000 in payroll taxes for a household employee raised questions about his nomination. [Read More]
Normally a rocking scene well beyond the official balls, this year's festivities are fewer and quieter. [Read More]
March officials are being criticized for including abortion rights language in the official platform, alienating women who consider themselves feminists but oppose the procedure. [Read More]
In December 2015, a family arrived at Memphis' Greyhound bus terminal, a modern, spacious new building near the airport. The parents, Mexican immigrants, were about to say goodbye to their three Mexican American... [Read More]
Just two months ago, the family of Eloise Barnette was saying good-bye. [Read More]

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley pledged Wednesday at her confirmation hearing to voice U.S. leadership in the world and stand up to Russia if approved as Donald Trump's ambassador to the United Nations.

... [Read More]
The famous astrophysicist will lecture Nashville under the stars in June... [Read More]