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"Black Panther" is bar-none the most anticipated movie of the year. "Fifty Shades Freed," meanwhile, is the most anticipated movie of the year with an... [Read More]
To quote one movie goer, "Dawgggggg." [Read More]
In this meandering storyline, anything can be foreplay: a look, an argument, a montage, danger, ice cream. [Read More]
Released on Feb. 8, Universal's movie become the country's fourth highest-grossing movie of the year after its first weekend. [Read More]
We are repeatedly reminded that a Dodge is the villain's vehicle of choice. But ... why? [Read More]
The movie goes out of its way to remind us that the villain's vehicle of choice is a Dodge. Um, why? [Read More]
Arielle Kebbel's sister Julia and her dog have been found two weeks after they went missing. "It is with great joy and relief that I... [Read More]
The actress opens up about the unsexy side of filming 'Fifty Shades Freed' sex scenes. [Read More]
Universal expects the third "Fifty Shades" film to enjoy a midweek bump on Valentine's Day and to serve as counter-programming when "Black Panther" opens. [Read More]
"Peter Rabbit" and "15:17 to Paris" complete top three... [Read More]
'Peter Rabbit' and '15:17 to Paris' also on their way to solid openings... [Read More]
Quite often, the third movie in a series is the worst. From writers exhausting fresh ideas, resulting in weak plots, or struggling to construct a... [Read More]
Even if it occasionally gets distracted by things like plot. [Read More]
Richard Brody reviews "Fifty Shades Freed," the third and final film in the series based on the books by E. L. James, starring Dakota Johnson... [Read More]
'So unarousing it could be used as therapy in a sex addiction clinic,' the conclusion of the S&M saga is a cinematic cold shower, writes... [Read More]
The Spoiler Special discusses the third and final Fifty Shades film. [Read More]
Review: Cinema's dullest couple adjust to married life in this tedious instalment... [Read More]
The "Fifty Shades" film franchise is a study in contradictions. It's kinky, but conservative. It's filled with plot, but none of it means anything. The... [Read More]
Review: Cinema's dullest couple adjust to married life in this tedious installment... [Read More]
Watch Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson behind-the-scenes of 'Fifty Shades Freed.'... [Read More]