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On this episode of Rebootcamp Roundup: New Senate bill would make GI Bill transfers easier than ever, the CLEP test could become a shortcut to... [Read More]
New Senate bill would make GI Bill transfers easier than ever, the CLEP test could become a shortcut to college admissions for service members, new... [Read More]
Nearly four months after the Veterans Affairs Department was supposed to have changed the way it calculates Post-9/11 GI Bill housing stipends, students are still... [Read More]
Military Times Multimedia Journalist) [Read More]
Advocates say don't cut back Medicaid, because many military families with children with chronic conditions are among those who rely on the program. [Read More]
Robert Worley, a retired Air Force general, will become the executive director of the Houston VA Regional Office in January. Though the timing suggests Worley's... [Read More]
Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation (Fallen Patriots) is on a mission to provide college scholarships and educational counseling to military children who have lost a... [Read More]
Chronically under-resourced, AFRICOM gets cut again... [Read More]
A nuclear policy debate has begun--and the F-35 is on its way to getting a little cheaper. [Read More]
The four defendants will face an Article 32 hearing on Dec. 10. [Read More]
The military will have met initial the DHS request within the next week, but forces will remain through the holidays, at least. [Read More]
Donning a "Make America Great Again" hat, Dion Cini lifted the "Trump 2020" sign high over his head as the giant, hallowed log plunged to... [Read More]
"Imagine the impact if the highest performing colleges and universities more actively recruited [troops], enrolled them and included them when building inclusive classes," the president... [Read More]
Bear & Son Cutlery's Bear OPS division, tasked with creating specialized military and law enforcement duty-grade knives, just released a new AC-550 series Bold Action... [Read More]
ARES Watches just released the DIVER-1, an American made mission timer built to withstand the rigors of any conceivable operation. [Read More]
1791 Gunleather just introduced the new "Project Stealth" gun holster series which combines American heavy native steerhide with state-of-the-art flexible carbon fiber for the first-ever... [Read More]
Two of Rocky's popular S2V military footwear styles have been approved for aviation use by the U.S. Army. [Read More]
The bill would allow certain veterans to transfer the GI Bill — a perk reserved for troops still in uniform. [Read More]
The figure is several times higher than official Pentagon reports on war spending because it includes VA benefits and other related expenses. [Read More]
Florida accepts absentee ballots from military and overseas voters through Nov. 16. Will that make a difference in these close elections for Senate and governor? [Read More]