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The Orchard The first thing you notice about Jonah (Evan Rosado), the gentle 10-year-old at the center of We the Animals, are his eyes: wide... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast Sam Schwimmer made it through just two semesters at Biola University, a Christian evangelical school in Southern California,... [Read More]
Charles Krupa/Shutterstock The 2018 midterm elections are less than 100 days away. But get ready: The 2020 presidential contest is already gearing up. And Ohio... [Read More]
Jae C. Hong/Shutterstock Who's going to tap Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the shoulder and tell her it's time to take a breather… for her own good?... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast In the world of #Resistance Twitter, @GuardianRover was a hero. As a former intelligence operative and Delta Force soldier,... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/The Daily Beast Rape and molest trusting young boys for half a century, but do not touch the Catholic Church's money.... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast Early on in the Donald Trump administration, the president vested many of his nearest and dearest with tasks... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast Omarosa Manigault Newman earned her fair share of enemies long before she took her talents and tape recorder... [Read More]
NBC Toward the end of a "Closer Look" segment that took on the fallout from Omarosa Manigault Newman's tell-all book Unhinged, Seth Meyers came to... [Read More]
Courtesy Matthew Murphy Heading to Pretty Woman: The Musical on Broadway, you may be thinking: when will I hear those delicious opening chords of Roy... [Read More]
Marl Lennihan/AP It was 30 minutes into the 1998 Grammy Awards and Gary Simmons, the assistant to the show's co-producer, Tisha Fein, got a phone... [Read More]
ABC 7 Denver A Colorado man is charged with the murder of his pregnant wife and two daughters, just one day after he gave a... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast This story originally appeared in The Daily Beast newsletter PAY DIRT. Sign up here. Some of the... [Read More]
Carlos Barria/Reuters In Trump's world, there's nothing wrong with "collusion" unless it's being committed by Hillary Clinton… or the media. The president woke up on... [Read More]
WCCO-TV/Screenshot Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) got emotional this week during an interview with local television discussing an abuse allegation leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend.... [Read More]
via Youtube YouTube star Jason Ethier was texting on WhatsApp with a supernatural monster named Momo. Pacing his kitchen, Ethier followed Momo's instructions, like filling... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast During the winter of 1989, Donald Trump went to war with Trader Vic's. The New York outpost of... [Read More]
Kevin Tachman/amfAR/Getty Laura Harrier had been unwinding in Greece last summer when a number she didn't recognize lit up her phone: This is Spike Lee,... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast Jonathan Lubecky is a 41-year-old veteran who, until a few years ago, suffered from a severe form of... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast Ilhan Omar is almost all the things Donald Trump has demonized and demeaned rolled into one person. Omar,... [Read More]
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