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What would happen, the Russian asked, if the Soviet Union were to invade West Berlin? General O'Neill responded instantly. "War," he said. "It would mean... [Read More]
"Jack works as hard as any mortal man can," Joseph Kennedy said. "Bobby goes a little further." [Read More]
The late Ellen Willis was one of our most perceptive rock and pop critics. Watch how she unpacks and analyzes the life and hard times... [Read More]
When the author of 'Presumed Innocent' came of age, the literary world was divided between high art and low. Reading Graham Greene forever changed that... [Read More]
In 1216, a group of King John's men were traveling through some marshland when a flood engulfed them. Ever since, the whereabouts of the Crown... [Read More]
From graphic evocations of the battlefield to meditations on patriotism and the purpose of war, a new exhibition shows how American artists captured the scale... [Read More]
The skills it takes to make it in high school and college are not the same as the skills it takes to succeed post-graduation. In... [Read More]
How a synthetic drug manufactured in a dusty Indian town found its way into Appalachia. [Read More]
President Trump's proposed 350-ship Navy isn't impossible. It's just really, really hard. [Read More]
'Sgt. Pepper,' released 50 years ago June 2, is full of songs exceedingly substandard for the Beatles. That, writes Colin Fleming, is largely why it... [Read More]
Why did the Vatican require Melania and Ivanka Trump to cover their heads? It may have started with amorous angels. [Read More]
Prosecutors say hedge-fund traders made millions trading on information leaked from Medicare. [Read More]
One of the most isolated countries in Europe has opened up its doors to American travelers for the first time—giving tourists a look behind the... [Read More]
Before Fox News trotted out Rod Wheeler to fabricate a conspiracy about Seth Rich, he was spinning made-up yarns about gun toting "lesbian gangs." [Read More]
Small concessions, flattery, simple language, cultivation of his advisors, a united front, and low expectations are key to managing the U.S. bull in the global... [Read More]
Richard Wesley was hoping to take home a black bear but the bear would not go down without a fight. He is lucky to be... [Read More]
Shad Moss aka Bow Wow talks the #BowWowChallenge, his new reality show, and why he regrets tweeting about the first lady. [Read More]
Nearly everywhere you look, parties of the left are on the skids. That's a big part of why Macron won in France. If he delivers,... [Read More]
The prize-winning biographer once thought of Robert Moses as just another government bureaucrat. Then, as he explains in a new audio-only book for, all... [Read More]
The desire for visitors to immortalize their Roman holidays in moronic and destructive ways seems to be the travel trend of 2017. [Read More]