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Even some Puerto Ricans living in houses of wood and corrugated zinc say they don't want to go to ill-prepared shelters. [Read More]
Darren Aronofsky's latest, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is a horror film. And a damn fine one at that. [Warning: Spoilers] [Read More]
It was, according to Kimmel, "the most uncomfortable display of affection between any husband and wife this year." [Read More]
Pundits compare the Mueller investigation to Watergate approximately every 15 seconds. But the talking heads rarely mention that a Watergate veteran is a key player... [Read More]
The Facebook CEO says it's not his role to become an 'arbiter of truth.' Well, his enterprise is now a peddler of lies. What's he... [Read More]
The comedian's first Netflix special finds him still flawlessly delivering comedy about nothing, but at a time when our cultural appetite craves more than airplane... [Read More]
Even if Chancellor Angela Merkel is re-elected by a landslide on Sunday, Moscow could get a toehold in the Bundestag through the far-right AfD party. [Read More]
As President Trump addresses the United Nations in the shadow of a tower that bears his name, the man who tried to stop him sits... [Read More]
A Dartmouth prof writes a pro-antifa, pro-anti-fascist violence book. It's thorough, bold, and well-researched. And it's also kinda nutty. [Read More]
Ted Genoways' new book, 'This Blessed Earth,' chronicles the challenges of running a family farm in the modern age. [Read More]
When nearly two thousand Insane Clown Posse fans descended on Washington, D.C. on Saturday to protest the FBI's classification of those who are "down with... [Read More]
Reports are saying it was a 'technical glitch.'... [Read More]
"Can I just say something? The real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana." [Read More]
A lone protestor against this monument to mass-murder was led away by police officers who declined to say why he was being detained. [Read More]
The Trump administration is considering closing the American embassy in Havana in response to mysterious attacks on American diplomats there. Experts say that would be... [Read More]
The comedian's second wife accused his first of 'playing the victim' over the breakdown of their marriage. But now a foiled sextortion attempt has changed... [Read More]
The streaming service could pull out of planned production in Mexico after news that a freelancer it employed was found riddled with bullets north of... [Read More]
Paolo Zampolli, former head of a modeling agency, represents the tiny island nation of Dominica at the UN. He and Trump go way back. [Read More]
Spicer's wink-wink appearance at the Emmys was just the latest lucrative second act for a former Trump official. Evil-based opportunism should not be this easy. [Read More]
When McCain put his thumb down, he said it was about "regular order." Weeks later, it looks like the Momentary Maverick may throw away his... [Read More]