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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 02:31 AM
New bombshell investigations into Harvey Weinstein reveal not just rape, but the elaborate lengths those who worked for him went to aid and abet his... [Read More]
In an interview, Donna Karan said women would benefit from thinking 'Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and the sexuality?' No.... [Read More]
Following relative silence over the weekend, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and more all dug into the Harvey Weinstein allegations Monday night. [Read More]
One woman was left with a can of tuna, another family ate from their garden. One mayor says 5,000 residents face starvation. [Read More]
The Academy Award-winning actor has added his name to the list of stars disgusted with the Hollywood mogul. [Read More]
The retired Manhattan judge had words for Weinstein. [Read More]
In the '60s, there was no internet culture. There was just the mainstream, and you had to search for fun wherever you could. Discovering Monk... [Read More]
The late-night host delivered a brutal follow-up to his Twitter war with the president's son. [Read More]
Here's how to watch or live stream the airing of the politically-charged awards show in Miami. [Read More]
With no more campaigns to run, why haven't two of Weinstein's most powerful friends spoken out? [Read More]
Stop blaming the actresses for not speaking up. Stop trying to score political points. [Read More]
The strong winds swept in quickly, whipping up flames in the heart of Wine Country. Homes and even entire roads are completely gone. [Read More]
Cult Canadian web series 'Carmilla' has been lauded for its centering of female, queer, and non-binary perspectives. Now this lesbian love story is coming to... [Read More]
Without batting an eye, America has again normalized the oppressive status quo of requiring African Americans to obtain approval from white people to exercise the... [Read More]
Larry David's right-hand man talks about the iconic show's return and his new self-help book 'The Book of Leon.'... [Read More]
The murder of LGBTQ activist Xulhaz Mannan, killed with a friend in Dhaka, sparked international outcry. Mannan's friend, Ali Asgar, who escaped murder that day,... [Read More]
Here are the five drinks you need to try from the West Chelsea bar's new menu. [Read More]
Government censorship of her work—most famously a vagina-shaped kayak—has made Megumi Igarashi ('Rokudenashiko') an activist, even if her views don't align with Japanese feminism. [Read More]
"Women sometimes make bad fashion choices... This does not invite their own harassment. Period," she said while tearing into Karan's victim-blaming excuse for Harvey Weinstein. [Read More]
I sat through weeks of impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon. Forty-plus years later, I see the makings of another case. [Read More]