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Incoming Chancellor Carol Christ has completed her budget decisions for the 2017-18 fiscal year — decisions which must cut the campus's $110 million budget deficit... [Read More]
Do you fancy YoPo? So do we at the Clog. But froyo isn't froyo without the toppings. Not to fret — we at the Clog... [Read More]
Gone are the days of the great Roman Empire, though one of their major clothing staples still remains today: gladiator shoes. [Read More]
Charles Austin, a longtime Berkeley community organizer, died Sunday. He was 77. [Read More]
Husband and wife and campus alums, Jose Luis Bedolla and Lisa Garcia Bedolla, have endowed the Miguel and Elvira Bedolla scholarship to support undocumented students... [Read More]
The film is an infectious joyride because of its stellar performances and standout soundtrack, but ultimately, the film is a triumph for what it represents. [Read More]
Calling all artists: until the end of the month, the city of Berkeley is looking for a sculpture to be featured as part of the... [Read More]
OKNOTOK might just be the most relevant reissue ever released — one that contextualizes the structure of one of rock's most important albums. [Read More]
This week: "What follows is no less confusing: a faceless being floats in black space, vomiting a stream of spheres that reflect images of BOB." [Read More]
"War" has every right to be confident — it is the best trilogy finale since "Toy Story 3," maybe even since "The Lord of the... [Read More]
Being a female in a predominantly male job. That's it. That is their crime.Read More…... [Read More]
Quarterbacks and running backs typically receive most of the credit on the offense, but without protection or room to run, an offense falls to pieces... [Read More]
Cal football's offensive line will face a drastic change as redshirt senior Dwayne Wallace, projected starting right guard for the Bears, is no longer associated... [Read More]
UCPD arrested two suspects for an alleged strong arm robbery that took place Friday evening outside of Morrison Hall.Read More…... [Read More]
Colorism is very real in the Chicanx/Latinx community.Read More…... [Read More]
Many allies conceptualize their political orientation as an identity rather than an operative framework of intersectionality and solidarity.Read More…... [Read More]
Anytime you use the N-word as a non-Black person or are complicit in a fellow non-Black peer's use of the word, you are perpetuating anti-black... [Read More]
Today we launch The Daily Californian's new favicon and masthead.Read More…... [Read More]
SF Pride has revealed that the gay community is missing out on change, on growth for the community.Read More…... [Read More]
We've all been there, you want to tag someone on Facebook in a saucy meme, but doubts arise. Will they find it funny? Are we... [Read More]