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Former UC Berkeley student Pablo Gomez Jr. is scheduled to re-appear in court on Feb. 8 as announced in a disposition and setting hearing on... [Read More]
Chancellor Carol Christ has yet to make a decision regarding canceling classes scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, according to a campus-wide message she sent Friday... [Read More]
In an email sent to students Friday, campus officials advised students to remain indoors due to unhealthy air quality, adding that the Tang Center will... [Read More]
This week, hundreds of UC Berkeley students have felt the impact of California's deadliest fire. Many students' homes have been destroyed, and some students have... [Read More]
What better way to poke fun at our rivals than dig up the old meme, #justgirlythings? While Stanford students argue that they attend a better... [Read More]
In honor of the much-anticipated football face-off between UC Berkeley and Stanford, we've crafted a quiz to guess how much school spirit you have. So,... [Read More]
David French, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, and Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law Erwin Chemerinsky sat down Wednesday to... [Read More]
After days of community backlash, Chancellor Carol Christ announced Thursday evening that classes would be canceled because of poor air quality. [Read More]
The People's Park Committee held a rally on the UC Berkeley campus Thursday to protest potential university plans to build housing on People's Park. [Read More]
Beyond UC Berkeley's own efforts to address the mental health issues on campus, Reddy sees his YouTube channel as a way to positively impact his... [Read More]
While classes at UC Berkeley remain in session, Berkeley City College has closed its campus because of the poor air quality. [Read More]
In the midst of midterms, club meetings, problem sets and more, UC Berkeley students sometimes struggle to find a moment to relax. Even just identifying... [Read More]
It's commonly acknowledged that UC Berkeley is not always the smoothest ride when it comes to the mental health of its students. To combat such... [Read More]
UC Berkeley is actually full of little blessings and magic, but it is easy to forget when you descend into Gardner Main Stacks or glue... [Read More]
You figure there must have been some terrible mistake. Maybe you wandered into the wrong class or came at the wrong time. You cry out,... [Read More]
A day after UC Berkeley School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky announced he is recommending to campus administration changing the name of Boalt Hall, campus... [Read More]
A former UC Berkeley graduate student published a study Tuesday about her research on a 75 million-year-old bird skeleton, part of the extinct enantiornithes species. [Read More]
As a part of United Against Hate Week, the Offices of ASUC Senator Imran Khan and representatives of the UC Berkeley Middle Eastern Muslim Sikh... [Read More]
CNN news commentator Van Jones came to Downtown Berkeley on Tuesday to speak about how to use empathy to find solutions to the climate crisis. [Read More]
While the Bay Area is diverse, many neighborhoods or cities within the region are highly segregated and do not reflect the diversity of the region,... [Read More]
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