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No stove, unless you're burning the remains of your house. No microwave. No way to charge your phone, and no phone lines. The phone company... [Read More]
Kossacks! Leave your cares, your Russian scandals and your horrendous healthcare battles to one side for just a few minutes and give some thought to... [Read More]
Enron Ed Gillespie, the Corporate lobbyist GOP political operative Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia, approved what is best thought of as a "Willie Horton"... [Read More]
Even after leaving in August, and despite recent scrutiny over the Comey firing deliberations, Steve Bannon still advises POTUS Dotard. Since Jared is under... [Read More]
Mojo Friday's Weekly Open Thread This is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary throughout the week. ... [Read More]
In late June I drove to Scriber Lake State Park, a few blocks east of Highway 99, in Lynnwood, Washington.  The park is a very... [Read More]
It's 4 AM. The coyotes bark and howl in the distance. A low rumble and whistle passes as a train lumbers by. ... [Read More]
I always heard that there were serious Democrats here at Daily Kos; so after November, I joined: Iv'e been a Democrat since before I could... [Read More]
Happy Friday! It's been a quieter week than last week, thankfully! School work is back on schedule, most things are back to normal in the... [Read More]
Well, we're eight long months into Trump's maliferous reign, and 85% of Republicans approve of the job he is doing as president. No legislative accomplishments... [Read More]
The   Overnight News Digest   is a nightly series dedicated to chronicling the eschaton. Please add news or other items in the comments. [Read More]
Sebastian Gorka says that Donald Trump's now-famous United Nations speech, wherein Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea and called the existing Iran nuclear deal... [Read More]
  by: Abbe L. Sudvarg, M.D. Francis Baumli, Ph.D. ... [Read More]
Swell.  Here comes Cotton Mather again, just when people were starting to be able to breathe and enjoy their freedom and their humanity — the social... [Read More]
Mike Konczal at The Nation writes— The Financial Industry Is Its Own Best Enemy : T he financial sector is one of the... [Read More]
Haley Byrd of The Independent Journal Review has the skinny about the latest attempt to bribe Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski into voting for the Graham-Cassidy... [Read More]
The latest iteration of the Trumpcare zombie legislation known as the Graham-Cassidy bill is just bad news for senior Americans. According to a report by the American... [Read More]
The National Association of Medicaid Directors, in a highly unusual move, send out an alarm blaring of the destruction that Graham-Cassidy would wreck on State bureaucracies and Healthcare... [Read More]
In the Mad Man era — as the joke has it — the executive needed a new secretary. He interviewed the candidates. After asking them... [Read More]
Since I have started researching my genealogy about a year ago, I've discovered vast swaths of people I had no idea existed, but who are... [Read More]
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