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"This is an attempt to take me out - This is a kill shot." As the right wing enablers of the Trump... [Read More]
Tuesday, a day to plant tomatoes. . . As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this... [Read More]
Twenty years ago the Vietnam Veterans of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania were looking for a project. They were drawn to an abandoned cemetery just south of town,... [Read More]
Welcome to the 584th original "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" profile, where today, we're going to talk about the eleven-term U.S. House Representative from New... [Read More]
It was Memorial Day, and I decided to see if any history would rub off on me if I made a personal visit to the... [Read More]
In the aftermath of the horrible incident in Portland a few days ago, and the Mayor's move to ban some scheduled alt-right "Free Speech" events,... [Read More]
Interesting. We're on to the week of March 19th in our endless pursuit of catching up on GunFAIL, and for the first time in recent... [Read More]
Well, it took two days and multiple Tweets attacking the press, but popular-vote loser Donald Trump finally communicated a response to the brutal stabbing of three... [Read More]
The Trump White House is flailing like a beached whale right now as Kremlin Gate looms like a tsunami in the distance. They can hear... [Read More]
Hole (hereinafter known as IVH) is a noncontroversial topic, no flame zone. This vent-hole if lost or stolen will not be replaced or purchase price... [Read More]
This article, A Constitutional Puzzle: Can the President Be Indicted?, by the chief legal reporter of the Times, Adam Liptak, makes the case that most... [Read More]
What better way to honor the dead Who fought in our wars, the princess said, Than popsicles flavored with... [Read More]
   Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to lead the world in the oil and natural gas business including the newest cutting edge geological technologies. In... [Read More]
Welcome to the Overnight News Digest, a regular community feature on Daily Kos, consisting of news stories from around the world, sometimes coupled with a daily... [Read More]
Remember when a White House scandal was an unfortunate choice of a suit? Sigh. x ... [Read More]
Since I've been writing about the leadership contest of Canada's Conservative Party, I feel somewhat obligated to report on the final result, even though it ended on... [Read More]… A Memorial Day mix tape. One of the best Protest Music posts I've seen in a while. Click... [Read More]
As if we needed reinforcement that the Republicans are cowards, Sean Spicer was caught cowering in the bushes on Tuesday in an attempt to hide... [Read More]
Donald Trump returned from his Embarrass America First Tour to find that the scandals he hoped to escape were all waiting for him. He still... [Read More]
We're taking a look at the impact of Republican gerrymanders on the 2016 congressional elections. Read why in our introductory post , and   click... [Read More]
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