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New Mexico's Democratic State Auditor Tim Keller trounced his Republican opponent Tuesday to take back control of Albuquerque's mayoral seat. CBS News writes : ... [Read More]
Did you know there was a "war on men" raging? Just ask this RWNJ pastor. Pastor Franklin Raddish of... [Read More]
and the results are not encouraging to them.  The New York Times has a story up for Sunday's paper, written by Jonathan Martin and Alexander... [Read More]
Sen. Franken: resign and allow Gov. Mark Dayton to appoint a qualified woman to succeed you. Here is what... [Read More]
I hang out in a science fiction forum and someone pointed out that we didn't have that many female members. So, some of the dudes... [Read More]
Trump Tax cut will save I.1 billions for Trump and his family. Also it will not help the middle income people. Trump tax cut also... [Read More]
In addition to stalking teenage girls at the local mall, ringing them up at school to press them for dates, and attacking them in his car, 70-year-old... [Read More]
According to the White House, even though Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, he's in the clear because 1) he won the election and 2)... [Read More]
men, it has always been about you it can be about us, for a while you've always defined what is offensive let... [Read More]
O our Mother the Earth, O our Father the Sky, We bring you the gifts that you love. ... [Read More]
When I was thirteen I had my first serious depressive episode. At that time I had not had any counseling or psychiatry. After getting a... [Read More]
During Jeff Sessions testimony in front of the House Judiciary Committee this week he was caught off guard by a line of questioning he didn't... [Read More]
This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Here... [Read More]
I happen to be a "gentleman of a certain age." I love that phrase, it's a politically polite way of saying, "He's an old fart."... [Read More]
Found this clip on the is the longest clip I've come across of the 2006 USO tour show.  The "Saddam rape room" skit with... [Read More]
I called Roy Blunt's office first and this being a weekend, got a recording that the office was closed.  Then the recording disconnected.  I then... [Read More]
CBS News The top U.S. nuclear commander said Saturday he would push back against President Trump if he ordered a... [Read More]
Really, why is this so difficult?  Republicans pass a tax cut plan that make permanent cuts for corporations and temporary cuts for the middle class. ... [Read More]
Welcome to the Street Prophets Coffee Hour. This is an open thread where we can share our thoughts and comments about the day. The development... [Read More]
Phil Ochs' "The Power and the Glory" is a remarkable expression of American idealism. Building on earlier folk classics such as Woody Guthrie's "This Land... [Read More]
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