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We dropped off our daughter at her Halloween party. We showed up 20 minutes late a fashionably late entrance. Me and my husband in our... [Read More]
Democrats want the Caravan. They want "open borders". George Soros is paying illegals to join the caravan. They're getting ready to storm the border. MS... [Read More]
It has reached the point where one has to wonder whether Trumpistas are paying attention or if they really have consciously decided to separate from... [Read More]
A weekly series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups regularly socialize but also get out the vote, support... [Read More]
The New York Times is reporting the Trump administration is preparing to define the legal status of people who identify as transgender "out of existence".... [Read More]
xWeek 14 is coming to the end at the #KremlinAnnex protests. We think we did good showing our message to Putin's puppet. What do you... [Read More]
This is a MEGA MILLION Drawing lotto pool   ! ! ! Please make sure you buy tickets for the correct game ! ... [Read More]
2018-10-20 23:33:56 UTC; DailyKos stories = 125;  125 per day;  5.2 per hour Yesterday 102 Kogs posted 125 stories of which 120 were recommended... [Read More]
Despite Mexican efforts to stop them at the border, about 2,000 Central American migrants swam or rafted across a river separating that country from Guatemala,... [Read More]
Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Street Prophets Coffee Hour, an open thread conveniently located at the intersection of Religion and Politics. This is... [Read More]
Louis Hill, son of James J. Hill, the owner of the Great Northern Railway, opened the Glacier Park Hotel near the newly established Glacier National... [Read More]
In light of Trump's statement that the US is going to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with the stated reason that the... [Read More]
The free market is a myth. The conservative narrative is a "free market" will perfectly distribute goods and services, and the "invisible... [Read More]
NORTH CAROLINA OPEN THREAD for Sunday, October 21, 2018 180th Weekly Edition This is a weekly feature of North Carolina Blue .... [Read More]
During this election cycle, I've blogged here, and here about how strong Carolyn Bourdeaux's campaign has been for the Congressional seat in the traditionally Republican... [Read More]
— Should a person who partakes in unproven Conspiracy Theories — even be allowed to be President ? I'm... [Read More]
There are two aspects to the MAGA crowd who are cheering his lies and laughing at his nasty jokes that reasonable people should find troubling.... [Read More]
Well, it finally happened in plain sight—sort of.  As we all know, a U. S. resident and columnist for the "Washington Post," Jamal Khashoggi, walked into... [Read More]
Think Progress "Now another Republican has been connected to the Proud Boys. After an angry mob confronted and cursed at House Minority... [Read More]
[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster.] Unreal, said Greg Sargent of The Washington Post, describing the latest Trump meander of fantasy: virtually everyone... [Read More]