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Two stories, one from Virginia, one from Alabama. One about a black woman, one about a black man. When a... [Read More]
While ranting in a call in to Fox & Friends, Trump said that Cohen handled just a tiny fraction of his  legal work. Thus destroying his attorney/client... [Read More]
Rep John Lewis Is a living civil Right Icon. A real-life Hero. I have always wondered what it  would be like to sit down with Rep... [Read More]
Should you ever be asked to join Donald John Trump's legal team, insist on two conditions: payment in advance and possession of the button to... [Read More]
At around 10 AM Thursday, a series of explosions rocked the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior, Wisconsin, reports Minnesota Public Radio. ... [Read More]
Starting now, voter suppression has a new and technologically sophisticated foe in the battleground state of North Carolina. Like many southern states,... [Read More]
Welcome to the 671st original "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" profile, where today, we are going to chat about Missouri House of Representatives member Bill... [Read More]
In the past fifteen months Donald Trump has provided abundant evidence that he is an unqualified fruitcake with crackpot tendencies. His mental health has been... [Read More]
Some of you were kind enough to keep an eye out for books and magazines with my stories in them. There weren't many. I found... [Read More]
You mad, bro? Minutes after Ronny Jackson, President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs,... [Read More]
Today is one of my days off this week, but it's also the 138th day since I started the job (on December 11, 2017.)  According... [Read More]
I saw this over on Vox:…      "A newly released secret recording shows a rare glimpse into... [Read More]
The Marshall Islands and very possibly thousands of other islands would likely become "uninhabitable," or so says a new study being called "a worst-case scenario"... [Read More]
Dems hold double-digit lead on generic ballot: poll I found interesting numbers here…. ... [Read More]
More than 50,000 people—teachers, students, parents, and community members—turned out in Phoenix, Arizona, Thursday to press the state government for increased education funding. If you're... [Read More]
This is a breaking news story.  From CNN (bold my emphasis): The jury in Bill Cosby's retrial found the TV... [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn't think immigrants facing deportation proceedings in the U.S. should be informed of their legal rights and options, so he sought... [Read More]  Like me on Facebook     Follow me at @pschickler... [Read More]
2018-04-25 23:59:56 UTC DailyKos stories = 162;  162 per day;  6.8 per hour Yesterday 117 Kogs posted 162 stories of which 158 were... [Read More]
I know there have already been three separate well commented diaries touching on the Joy Reid situation. They have largely focused on whether she is... [Read More]