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Who doesn't know what tacos are? *crickets* But did you know that there are also breakfast tacos, a variation first made popular in... [Read More]
Welcome to the 637th original "Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day" profile, where today we'll be discussing Richard Snow, a former candidate for the Maine House... [Read More]
Michael Che continues his almost weekly schooling of Donald Trump. On this episode, he points out a very inconvenient reality that Trump knows nor will... [Read More]
It seems clear that Donald Trump's goal is to degrade the discourse of America until the average Sunday morning political talk hour sounds like one of... [Read More]
Welcome to Morning Open Thread , a daily post with a MOTley crew of hosts who choose the topic for the day's posting. We support... [Read More]
On December 5, 2017, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) transferred to the Northern District of Ohio and, with the consent of that... [Read More]
According to the LA Times, SoCal just set a new heat record for the season. It was a chilly 90 degrees in Orange County: ... [Read More]
Not a single president has met more than one of the four qualities identified by political scientists as warning signs of an authoritarian or fascist... [Read More]
Trump may ever remain dear to the base because of secret evangelical desires (recall the prosaic tastes of Jimmy Swaggart). that remain strong, even as... [Read More]
Mojo Friday's Weekly Open Thread This is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary throughout the week. ... [Read More]
The only intention of my blogs in this series is to share new politicians on the rise.  Where they are currently in the process is... [Read More]
This week, President @realDonaldTrump went to great lengths (the greatest!) to prove that he's a very stable genius—and not, as most Americans contend, a crazy... [Read More]
I bought some Tang again.  It really does taste good hot.  For some reason, I decided to look at the "best by" date — 20Oct1923.  Okay,... [Read More]
A friend lives in Hawaii. Here's his story from today. "As many of you may know, at 8:07 this morning, the following... [Read More]
The humanitarian disaster faced by Americans in Puerto Rico is now one-third as long as the entire mal-administration of the so-called Pr*sident.  Their suffering — like... [Read More]
Welcome to the Overnight News Digest with a crew consisting of founder Magnifico, current leader Neon Vincent, regular editors side pocket, maggiejean, Chitown Kev, Doctor... [Read More]
Just to keep Trump's feet to the fire on immigration and "merit" visas, he should be reminded his mother was born into a family that... [Read More]
This review has nothing to do with being a Star Wars fan, and certainly nothing to do with any particular, long-cultivated theory about some character. To... [Read More]
January 12, 2018 Pacific Northwest Quiet days in my neighborhood right now, midwinter. Early mornings I do hear the turkey... [Read More]
The CommonDreams staff writes— OOOOPS! 'Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii...This is Not a Drill' : Full-blown panic, chaos and rage... [Read More]
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