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Scaramucci will now be defending imaginary President "Jim" … with the fullest transparency. Explains why Spicey left, Trump really does know a six foot tall rabbit ... [Read More]
Mojo Friday's Weekly Open Thread This is a diary for those who continue to participate in the Mojo Friday diary throughout the week. ... [Read More]
FOX Fake News should be held accountable for the damage done by their reporting. [Read More]
from On Tyranny:  Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy Snyder (NY:  Tim Duggan Books, 2017  ISBN 978-0-8041-9011-4): ... [Read More]
It's only been six months since @realDonaldTrump took office, but in that short period of time, he's already accomplished more than any other president in... [Read More]
Most of the people who voted for Trump are NOT stupid. Most of the people who support him now are not stupid either. ... [Read More]
Mark Bowden writes for The Atlantic among other journals. He is the author of Black Hawk Down and a dozen more books. He recently published an extensive... [Read More]
I do not know about the rest of you all, but I just do not give a rat's ass about what Republicans, especially Trump voters,... [Read More]
Trump voters thought they were getting somebody to put the house in order, who would make sure the lawn was mowed and the fences were painted,... [Read More]
At CommonDreams , Julia Conley writes— Six Months After Women's March, Invigorated Resistance Sees Impact : A new Pew Research poll finds that... [Read More]
There is a cancer growing on U.S. democracy  and despite what GOP lawmakers might say publicly, plenty of them are spooked about it as more and... [Read More]
It's amazing how much can happen in a week under the Trump administration.   The "new and improved" version of Trumpcare couldn't... [Read More]
Back in 1997, my grandma and I took a trip to Vegas for our birthdays- my 18th and her 61st. The dates were a mere... [Read More]
Kim Davis is in the news again. Because she didn't think that men Ought to get married except with... [Read More]
It's not a secret I'm no fan of Mr. Elon Musk. I think he's a smart guy with some decent products---and a really good con-artist... [Read More]
Random Thoughts  Saturday, July 22, 2017 The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) was published by the American Psychiatric... [Read More]
So, like everyone else in the populated universe, I've watched with considerable fascination the departure of Sean Spicer from his sublimely agonizing role as White... [Read More]
Short and anything-but-sweet for this week, but after seeing two DK diaries about two deluded groups of our fellow citizens (.....), self the loser just... [Read More]
Here is a scary thought experiment. Let's pretend Trump won the popular vote by about 3,000,000 votes.  Let's also pretend Hillary won... [Read More]   Like me on Facebook     Follow mepapa @pschickler... [Read More]
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