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Carrie Lam has issued an apology for the public fury created by the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance bill, which would allow suspects to be sent to... [Read More]
Hong Kong protesters move aside in seconds to let an ambulance pass during a two-million strong demonstration against an . extradition bill. The black-clad protestors... [Read More]
Hundreds of Hong Kong mothers stage rally to protest against controversial extradition bill . Some signboards said 'don't shoot our kids', 'retract extradition bill' and... [Read More]
Hong Kong police pepper spray foreigner multiple times amid growing tensions. The video shows an officer demanding a man to get up while pepper spraying... [Read More]
Hong Kong Police callously throw tear gas at protesters amid the growing tensions in the autonomous territory. The video shows police ejecting tear gas which... [Read More]
Violent clashes broke out in Hong Kong when police tried to stop protesters storming the city's parliament, as tens of thousands took to the streets... [Read More]