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On Friday, UT President Gregory Fenves announced that the University will also guarantee gift aid to all freshmen from Texas families earning up to $100,000... [Read More]
Next fall, UT will cover tuition for qualified Texas freshmen from families earning up to $30,000 through four-year awards. [Read More]
For the second straight game, the Longhorns won a game with a starting position player taking the mound in the ninth inning. [Read More]
As the Longhorns' Orange-White spring game draws one day closer, offensive coordinator Tim Beck took a step back after what he called an "unfocused" practice. [Read More]
Two and a half years ago, senior pitcher Paige von Sprecken packed her bags and left California for Austin, after deciding that it was time... [Read More]
Men and women's track teams prepare for challenging weekends ahead. [Read More]
Your impact can start small by recycling and reusing packages, water bottles or anything paper. This Earth Day, take a pledge to take an active... [Read More]
Astronomers now have at least another year to wait for the James Webb Space Telescope. But for an instrument headed for one million miles away... [Read More]
Blockchain is a "potentially disruptive" technology that is transforming the healthcare industry to give patients control over their data and well-being. [Read More]
The Big 12 conference tournament, which begins Friday and concludes Sunday, will be played at the Dallas Athletic Club, a course that no member of... [Read More]
A couple billion years ago, Venus may have looked a lot more similar to how Earth looks today. [Read More]
Amy Schumer, one of Hollywood's most controversial figures, has made the most problematic good movie in weeks. [Read More]
UT researchers collaborate to create membranes with the potential to purify water, create carbon-zero fuels and improve the ways we use energy. [Read More]
With February's mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, still fresh on her mind, Jennifer Glass said she sees her legal fight against the state's campus carry... [Read More]
Check out these five phenomenal study spots that help get you away from campus while getting your work done. [Read More]
Columnist Rachel Freeman makes the case that ending the bag ban would not be so bad. [Read More]
Columnist Kereece McLean wants you to think before you fat-shame. [Read More]
When one thinks of activism, a picture of people standing in the street holding signs is what probably comes to mind. But where do artists,... [Read More]
The buzz on Austin bees suggests the city is better able to serve local populations due to prevalent beekeeping culture and awareness. [Read More]
Knee pain becomes part of the gig when dancing flamenco, a traditional Spanish dance. This pain ultimately pushed Rodolfo Mendez, a dancer who performed on... [Read More]
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