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Reach DCP freelance writer Dave Gil de Rubio at [Read More]
Third Parties have long complained that having the two major parties in charge of the election process gives Republicans and Democrats an unfair electoral... [Read More]
Breaking news: CBS CEO Leslie Moonves remains unsuspended for sexual assault. Unless you live under a rock, you've heard Ohio State University head football c... [Read More]
Her name is Mona Lott and she used to speed skate and figure skate and dance on skates and had a desire to participate in... [Read More]
The very first thing is to learn how to pronounce it. No rhyming with the home of Baylor University in Texas. And it's not to... [Read More]
Right from the start of this Jesse Peretz adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel Juliet, Naked, there's something warm and unfinished about the lives of Annie... [Read More]
A Waynesville haunt you'll want to haunt Strolling down the main street (unsurprisingly called Main Street) on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon in Waynesville,... [Read More]
Historian Margaret Newell exposes New England's native slavery at SunWatch By Joyell Nevins Photo: Historian Margaret Newell holds Benjamin Church's sword,... [Read More]
Classic 'The Elephant Man' reveals our truths at Dayton Theatre Guild By Jacqui Theobald Photo: Jared Mola (center) as John Merrick surrounded by the cast... [Read More]
Cincy funk band set to bless Trolley Stop by Joey Ferber All we knew about the Cincinnati band was that whomever Ernie Johnson is, he—or... [Read More]
Yellow Springs Brewery and Davidson Family Growers collaborate on Robust Porter By Tom Morgan Photo: New Carlisle's Davidson Family Growers and Yellow... [Read More]
Watch the culture of Istanbul through feline devotion By T.T. Stern-Enzi Photo: Gamsiz, or 'The Player,' one of Istanbul's featured cats in 'Kedi' Rating:... [Read More]
Downtown Dayton's Wine Gallery and Cafe By Paula Johnson Photo: Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese appetizer at The Wine Gallery and Cafe in downtown Dayton;... [Read More]
Of Science, Religion, or Magic? Zoot Theatre creates Booze & Puppets @ the Plaza Theatre By Amanda Dee Photo: By Bill Franz   It was... [Read More]
A worthwhile bid The Dayton Flyers make it in to the 1984 NCAA By Marc Katz   Just the year before, with the same 18-10... [Read More]
Bucher's Almanac Local green thumbs sow spring wisdom By Jim Bucher So, is it me or has winter passed us by again? Could it be... [Read More]
Local Raider Wright State's Mark Alstork explains the benefits of playing ball close to home By Marc Katz Now that we've had this colossal Best... [Read More]
Obamacare forever Republicans' secret love affair with socialized medicine Mark Luedtke Just as rulers planned, Obamacare forced insurance rates to... [Read More]
Anne E. Dechant brings her stories back to Ohio By Tim Walker Photo: Ann E. Dechant shares her stories on stage across her native state... [Read More]
Del Sol Quartet and didgeridooist Stephen Kent find common ground at UD By Megan Constable Photo: Del Sol Quartet's (l-r) violinst Benjamin Kreith,... [Read More]