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Reach DCP freelance writer Dave Gil de Rubio at [Read More]
Third Parties have long complained that having the two major parties in charge of the election process gives Republicans and Democrats an unfair electoral... [Read More]
Breaking news: CBS CEO Leslie Moonves remains unsuspended for sexual assault. Unless you live under a rock, you've heard Ohio State University head football c... [Read More]
Her name is Mona Lott and she used to speed skate and figure skate and dance on skates and had a desire to participate in... [Read More]
The very first thing is to learn how to pronounce it. No rhyming with the home of Baylor University in Texas. And it's not to... [Read More]
Right from the start of this Jesse Peretz adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel Juliet, Naked, there's something warm and unfinished about the lives of Annie... [Read More]
A Waynesville haunt you'll want to haunt Strolling down the main street (unsurprisingly called Main Street) on a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon in Waynesville,... [Read More]
Schoolteachers need to be aware of their "public" conduct because it may have an effect on their job longevity. The phrase "public conduct" appears in... [Read More]
I saw Pete Rose the other day, wandering the mean streets of Dayton, looking for a place to place a bet. Okay, no, I didn't.... [Read More]
Dayton school bureaucrats always have an excuse for the poor quality of their schools. It's the parents' fault. It's the former superintendent's fault for sle... [Read More]
Rhythm and blues from the past six decades has provided a treasure trove of songs that have spurred a cottage industry of artists releasing albums... [Read More]
The yearly celebration of Greek life is an onus that Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Dayton bears proudly. The Annunciation Church bases its faith not... [Read More]
"In the fall of 2013, Suzanne Sizer, the Director of Pendleton Arts Center, and I started dreaming about a day when all of Middletown's Arts... [Read More]
On Saturday September 8, the city of Hamilton once again becomes Jam!lton with 24-hour honorary mayor David Shaw presiding over all the festivities marking the... [Read More]
Woodbourne Library Unveils Local Art Four original works of art will be viewable by the public on a daily basis beginning Sept. 23 at Woodbourne... [Read More]
It is argued that funk began in the mid-1960s when African-American musicians created a new form of music that was danceable and rhythmic utilizing a... [Read More]
Nearly a century ago, it was a bustling hamlet with a railroad station, businesses, grain silos and rows of houses lined up like soldiers along... [Read More]
Two of the '90s most notable live rock bands, 311 and The Offspring, are teaming up to bring their Never-Ending Summer Tour to the Rose... [Read More]
Come rain or come shine, every little thing is gonna be alright. Cue the 31st annual Dayton Reggae Festival on Sunday September 2. It is... [Read More]
Whether or not an inmate deserves to die is not in question here. For the moment, this debate is based on the premise a court... [Read More]