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As a branch of the armed forces the U.S. Coast Guard is sometimes unfairly overlooked. Defense News Executive Editor Jill Aitoro recently spent a few... [Read More]
The U.S. Army's plan to procure effective Mobile Protected Firepower for infantry brigade combat teams will enter a high-speed track in 2018 as it skips... [Read More]
China has launched the first of a new class of guided-missile destroyers, the largest and most advanced of its type to be designed and built... [Read More]
Switzerland has become the latest customer for the Anglo-Swedish developed next generation light anti-tank weapon in a deal announced by Saab on Wednesday. [Read More]
The White House announced Tuesday its intent to nominate Ellen Lord, the CEO of Textron Systems, as the undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and... [Read More]
Poland's plan to buy Patriot air-and-missile defense systems from the U.S. Army could be headed toward derailment following recent discussions between the two governments on... [Read More]
A new U.S.-Israeli working group aims to devise and employ new methods of identifying cyber enemies and "holding nations accountable" for bad cyber behavior. [Read More]
The Russian military has been accused of harassing a U.S.-flagged cargo ship carrying equipment for an annual military exercise in the Baltic region that wrapped... [Read More]
House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry confirmed Tuesday he secured a commitment from House GOP leaders for 15 percent defense budget growth over three... [Read More]
The head of the House Armed Services Committee is interested in setting up timelines for foreign weapon sales in an effort to speed up the... [Read More]
Three German companies made their joint debut at the Paris Air Show this year to present a counter-drone system designed to foil anything from explosive-laden... [Read More]
The House Armed Services Committee has taken its first steps toward preserving three A-10 Warthog squadrons. [Read More]
"The fact that the Trump administration made the effort to expeditiously close on the Indian request (for Guardian drones) signals its interest in preserving close... [Read More]
The House Armed Services defense policy bill unveiled its $696.5 billion defense policy bill on Monday, which reflects an emerging deal among House Republican leaders... [Read More]
The U.S. Army has joined the Israeli Air Force in a sweeping investigation of AH-64 Apache helicopters following Israel's discovery earlier this month of a... [Read More]
House Armed Services Committee wants the U.S. Navy to plan on replacing its legacy hornets in the Reserves, according to the latest version of its... [Read More]
The defense industry will continue its forward trajectory of mergers and acquisitions following its increase at the end of 2016 and will see continued modest... [Read More]
Turkey's military and procurement officials are planning to formalize the country's intent to buy up to 36 armed trainer aircraft, the Hurkus, procurement officials said. [Read More]
Nearly 20 years after the British government first decided to build two large aircraft carriers to revive the Royal Navy's global air strike capability, the... [Read More]
Powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker announced he is blocking U.S. arms sales to Gulf Cooperation Council member states to pressure a resolution... [Read More]