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Bell shows the V-280 Valor can conduct high-performance slow-speed maneuvers, meeting last of the key performance parameters set out by the U.S. Army in its... [Read More]
Government and industry officials have begun putting together the narrative for justifying a price tag billions of euros above expectations several years ago. [Read More]
House appropriators would deny the Pentagon the funding it wants to stand up a Space Force headquarters. [Read More]
Two House subcommittees have taken knives to Trump's nuclear plans. [Read More]
When your teen gets their college acceptance letter, it's a day of excitement and anticipation. Don't worry, Federal loans, grants and scholarships are still widely... [Read More]
See Sikorsky's HH-60W fly for the first time. [Read More]
A question over what threat Iran poses to coalition troops in the Middle East caused controversy last week. Find out why. [Read More]
Get an up close view of Rheinmetall's Lynx, being offered by the German defense company and Raytheon to replace the Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicles. [Read More]
The Navy's acquisition chief, James Geurts, talks to David Larter about what's needed to help expand the Navy's submarine fleet. [Read More]
Newport News Shipbuilding provides an update on the building of the next three carriers for the U.S. Navy. [Read More]
Naval strategist Bryan McGrath sits down to discuss how to measure naval power--and the rise of China. [Read More]
Find out from Ingalls Shipbuilding's LPD program manager as the type begins a shift in construction. [Read More]
With the service's TH-57 aircraft aging rapidly, three companies are vying to replace them. [Read More]
Is the Patriot air-and-missile defense system buy in Poland in danger of tanking after the delivery of the first two batteries? A former Polish defense... [Read More]
Generals Grant and Lee faced each other in the bloody Battle of the Wilderness. Was Ulysses S. Grant the butcher he was reputed to be? [Read More]
The three countries are looking to spend more than $300 million each on different weapons. [Read More]
one of two that Sikorsky fully assembled - flew from the company's West Palm Beach, Florida, test facility. [Read More]
The Army is rapidly developing its synthetic training environment that will prepare soldiers at every echelon to fight in a multidomain environment. [Read More]
"We've made some substantial progress. We need to build and implement what we have done," said Rep. Mac Thornberry, ranking member of the House Armed... [Read More]
U.S. Special Operations Command advocated for a light-attack capability as essential to its operations during a recent hearing on Capitol Hill, though the Air Force's... [Read More]