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Navy Rear. Adm. Mat Winter joined the F-35 office in 2016, after serving as the chief of Naval Research. [Read More]
That defense agreement with Paris was announced just ahead of London's announcement expected on Wednesday to invoke formally a withdrawal from the European Union under... [Read More]
MQ-1 Predator pilot Capt. Chris describes how teams of pilots and sensor operators in both the Middle East and the United States work together to... [Read More]
Efforts to combat ISIS have increased the requirements for weaponized drones. As of a year ago, nearly one in five of the Air Force's remotely... [Read More]
Anderson, 926th Wing commander, spoke to Defense News about the reserves' role in the remotely piloted aircraft enterprise. [Read More]
This February, Northrop Grumman began testing the MS-177 multispectral sensor aboard the RQ-4 Global Hawk. [Read More]
Unmanned land vehicles are a bit less ubiquitous than aerial drones. But a Ukraine prototype – the Fantom unmanned tactical multipurpose vehicle – shows potential... [Read More]
The MQ-1 and MQ-9 squadrons from Creech AFB dropped more than 1,500 weapons on the Islamic State last year. [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump's pick for Air Force secretary will have to divest stock from 16 defense contractors if confirmed. [Read More]
A bipartisan pair of key senators are pressing the Trump administration to approve two defense deals between the U.S. and India, arguing that defense jobs... [Read More]
Russia's nuclear weapons delivery system RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, also known as "Satan 2" can carry up to 10 heavyweight warheads. [Read More]
India is moving forward with a $1 billion purchase of Spike anti-tank guided missiles from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems of Israel, overlooking the single-vendor situation... [Read More]
In response to the growing rocket threat to Israel's offshore energy assets, the Israel Navy is tweaking the design of its new Sa'ar-6 corvettes now... [Read More]
Personal finance expert Jeanette Mack offers tips on refinancing your VA loan. [Read More]
Soldiers of all stripes put their culinary skills to the test competively. [Read More]
The U.S. Senate is set to vote next week on the ratification of Montenegro as the newest member of NATO. [Read More]
Flir's Black Hornet UAV is the smallest unmanned aerial vehicle on the battlefield and is operated at the squad level. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff) [Read More]
Defense News looks at Stark Aerospace's loitering munitions that come in the form of a fixed-wing and quadcopter UAVs. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff) [Read More]
Maj. Gen. Cedric Wins, Commander of Army Research at the Army's Development and Engineering Command discusses how the Army is developing its unmanned programs. (Daniel... [Read More]
Defense news talks innovation with Maj. Gen. Cedric Wins, Commander of Army Research at the Army's Development and Engineering Command. (Daniel Woolfolk/Staff) [Read More]