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by Tad Lindley You've probably been there and seen it happen. You're not a doctor, but, nevertheless, when you sized them up, you felt that... [Read More]
• On 9-8-18 at 6:13 a.m. medics responded to Main Street for an intoxicated person. Patient assessed and transported to the hospital. • On 9-9-2018... [Read More]
Judgments Pius Joe, 34 2nd Degree Assault 7 Yrs., 5 Yrs. Prob. Matthew Black, 27 4th Degree Assault 60 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob. Winifred Olick,... [Read More]
by Tommy Wells If anyone questioned Thomas Phelan's rise to the top of the state's cross country scene as a reality, they officially received their... [Read More]
by K.J. Lincoln The Bethel Fair featured the first class of Bethel's homemade creations, arts and crafts, photography, gardening, sewing, delicious pies, and stunning jams... [Read More]
Andrew Frye, 3 years old of Atmautluak picked red, black and blue berries at Nanvarnarrlak. [Read More]
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) formally issued an apology to Alaska Native peoples for... [Read More]
by Louie Andrew There was a notice of sorts some years back in the local newspaper (Tundra Drums) in spring concerning dogs having rabies or... [Read More]
It is becoming evident that mining for gold or other metals anywhere on this earth is bringing more destruction to the lands, water, people and... [Read More]
by Mary Catharine Martin By mid-August Bristol Bay's river systems are choked with fish, but early July, when most of the bay's sockeye salmon are... [Read More]
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The Toksook Bay 20th Annual Blackberry Festival was a success this year. This success was due to generous contributions by North Star Gas, NYC, Calista... [Read More]
10 year old Kenneth Canaar Carter of Eek had a successful hunting trip. He caught his first moose on September 1st. [Read More]
by Greg Lincoln To all, we are very pleased to announce the upcoming wedding of our son Mack to his bride-to-be Kaitlin Andrew. They will... [Read More]
by Lt. Col. Candis Olmstead Soldiers with the Alaska Army National Guard's 1-207 Aviation Battalion rescued three individuals shortly after 10 p.m. Sept. 3 about... [Read More]
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announces an Emergency Order closure of the resident moose season in Zone 1 of the RM615 Kuskokwim moose... [Read More]
Reverend Andrew Craver was installed as a Co-Pastor for the Bethel Moravian Church on September 2, 2018. At right is Pastor Clifford Jimmie giving the... [Read More]
by Staff Sgt. Balinda O'Neal Dresel The west coast of Prince of Wales Island swelled with veterans, friends and family members who gathered to partake... [Read More]