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Researchers found 10 percent of tax foreclosures in Detroit between 2011 and 2015 were due to inflated assessments. [Read More]
Michigan is setting America's strictest lead drinking water standard at 12 parts per billion -- lower than the 15 ppb rule by federal government... [Read More]
A month after his emergency heart-bypass operation, Detroit Symphony Orchestra Music Director Leonard Slatkin talks. [Read More]
The affordably wicked Chevy Camaro V-6 1LE is here to play. [Read More]
Both the Kona and Veloster are aimed at young, active consumers, much like the people fueling Detroit's comeback... [Read More]
A group tied to the Koch brothers is criticizing GOP Rep. Mike Bishop in ads and mailers for supporting a $1.3 trillion spending bill in Congress... [Read More]
The push for a regional mass transit system has a moral imperative, Thompson writes... [Read More]
We believe every American should have affordable access to the medicines they need, Ricks writes... [Read More]
The University of Michigan's bias response system chills speech on campus, Strobl writes... [Read More]
Partisans tend to conflate their own policy preferences with the rule of law, or democracy or patriotism, Harsanyi writes... [Read More]
Government must do more to protect its residents from pollution, Coleman writes... [Read More]
Local and visiting owners of craft chocolate shops talk about the sustainability of their suppliers... [Read More]
Craft chocolate is hard to define, but easy to love... [Read More]
Tax bills frequently sent to the wrong address, and homeowner exemptions that lower bills are granted without proof of eligibility, audit found... [Read More]
Tigers starting pitcher Matthew Boyd throws a first inning pitch while playing the Minnesota Twins at Comerica Park in Detroit on June 13, 2018. [Read More]
Members of UAW Region 2-B, from Ohio and Indiana, listen to nominations as they sit under red balloons at the UAW's 37th Constitutional Convention in... [Read More]
Acceptance and denial are the first two hurdles Miguel Cabrera will have to clear on road to recovery. [Read More]
Former Purdue shooter could be a draft target or a potential free agent. [Read More]
Tigers will go with a battery of fill-ins at first base as the Tigers deal with Cabrera's torn biceps and season-long loss. [Read More]
Gary Jones, a regional director from Missouri steeped in the finances of the United Auto Workers, will be the new president of the union. [Read More]