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Voice assistants are great helpers in the kitchen, so Alexa and Google Home are extra useful for food-centric holidays like Thanksgiving. Here are some ways... [Read More]
Google has enabled the Google Play Store app support on Chrome OS and Chromebook hardware, so you're likely wondering how to get started. Here's an... [Read More]
Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California recently pitted a professional human drone pilot against racing drones controlled by artificial intelligence. Guess who came... [Read More]
Ready to try out Destiny 2's competitive Crucible mode but don't know where to start? Here is what you need to know to get the... [Read More]
The FCC issued its proposal to reverse net neutrality rules, which will allows interns service providers to possibly block or throttle traffic. Quite a few... [Read More]
With the Jurassic World sequel less than a year away, information is slowly being revealed and photos and footage are emerging. Here is everything we... [Read More]
Jason Momoa will bring Aquaman hero back to the big screen for a solo feature in December 2018, so here's everything we know so far... [Read More]
Stop debating about whether digital is better than film. Fujifilm's Instax SQ10 is both, a digital point-and-shoot that also makes instant prints on a new... [Read More]
Facebook presented data on ads from inauthentic accounts to Congress on October 2 -- so here's what will change for Facebook political ads. The plan... [Read More]
'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' is now available for mobile devices. Become one with nature in the presence of your animal friends -- you'll get to... [Read More]
Facebook Messenger will no longer downsize photos to 2K with new 4K resolution support that allows friends to share more detailed photos. PayPal's Messenger extension... [Read More]
An unexpected VR fishing standalone for FFXV, in our 'Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV' review we discover the spin-off we didn't know we... [Read More]
The OnePlus 5T is one of the best smartphones we've seen for a long time, with the Snapdragon 835 and huge amounts of RAM. But... [Read More]
New bristle-wielding devices are autonomously rolling themselves around Walmart stores, cleaning up after customers and employees. It's part of Walmart's continued introduction of high-tech into its... [Read More]
Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine have discovered that a saliva test can accurately diagnose concussion in patients, and also shed light on how... [Read More]
After adding the ability to invite a friend to Instagram live, viewers can now send a request to join. Hosts will see the requests in... [Read More]
Thanks to a new partnership between air quality sensor Foobot and Alphabet's Nest and Amazon's Echo (as well as IFTTT), your smart home may soon... [Read More]
Could focused laser light be used to help deaf people hear again? Based on some innovative work by a team of researchers in Europe, the... [Read More]
Cooking the ol' Thanksgiving Day turkey in the oven can take hours. That said, why use a traditional oven when you can just as easily... [Read More]
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