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7,500 soldiers and airmen representing the National Guards of 44 states, three territories and the District of Columbia will be assisting during the inaugural festivities. [Read More]
Shane Bouvet, a single father from Illinois, has faith Trump will help his hometown. [Read More]
The new guidelines are meant to eliminate instances of "flying while Muslim". [Read More]
To name, Pruitt as the nation's top environmental steward is preposterous. [Read More]
In a December 60 Minutes interview, House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke of the need for regulatory refor... [Read More]
Organizers indicated that people and groups like her are not welcome in their ranks. [Read More]
But Sen. Ron Wyden defended the president. [Read More]
Trump's Commerce pick admits to unknowingly hiring undocumented worker: President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Commerce secretary on Wednesday admitted to unknowingly employing a possible undoc... [Read More]
Also, another GOP lawmaker is confronted by constituents over ObamaCare. [Read More]
       ... [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton urged supporters of her mother's presidential bid to keep fighting for their beliefs in a new interview with Refinery ... [Read More]
The catcher known as 'Pudge' becomes the first in Cooperstown to have played for the Nationals. [Read More]
James Ellington and Nigel Levine are thankful to be alive after the scary incident in Spain. [Read More]
Iran, Russia and climate change are among the potential flash points in transatlantic ties. [Read More]
No. 25 Maryland travels to Iowa with a better sense of what to expect in the coach's third season in the Big Ten. [Read More]
A West Virginia school district has some educators scratching their heads after they had to choose numbers from a hat to determine whether they would still have their job in the 2017-2018 school... [Read More]
Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Health and Human Services Department may have violated long-standing House ethics rules. [Read More]
Obama's final news conference channels his earliest optimism and 2004 convention speech... [Read More]
At his confirmation hearing, President-elect Trump's Environmental Protection Agency administrator nominee Scott Pruitt outlined his plan for the agency. [Read More]
Although House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer will not be among them, 58 Democratic lawmakers — and likely more — plan to boycott incoming President Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday, right along with... [Read More]