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Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 02:27 PM
Nearly 40 minutes elapsed between a false alarm sent by NORAD claiming a ballistic missile threat incoming to Hawaii and the defense command's clarification message... [Read More]
In the weeks since the Trump administration withheld nearly $1 billion in security aid for Pakistan, Washington and Islamabad officials have been working to patch... [Read More]
Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) called for "tough and quick accountability" on Saturday after a ... [Read More]
A former Department of Defense official under former President Obama reacted to the false alarm of a ballistic missile headed towards Hawaii by saying "thank... [Read More]
Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D) said Saturday that the fal... [Read More]
50 years of civil rights history are now on this display at the Newseum... [Read More]
After stabbing his mother to death, police said Dunn removed her from the car and left her body in the street.        ... [Read More]
After stabbing his mother to death, police said Dunn removed her from the car and left her body in the street. [Read More]
Google has removed dozens of games from its mobile app store after researchers revealed they contained malware that made phones display pornographic pop-up ads. ... [Read More]
An emergency alert warning Hawaii of a ballistic missile threat Saturday was issued by mistake, authorities said afterwards. The warning was sent to cellphone... [Read More]
Supporters of the Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center slated for downtown Chattanooga have raised $1.25 million of its $6 million campaign goal... [Read More]
Chelsea Manning would be taking on U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin (D), who has been serving the state since 2007 and has served two terms. Manning... [Read More]
In November 1972, 1st Lt. Jack Harvey's fighter jet disappeared over the mountainous jungle of South Vietnam. His body has never been found. His widow,... [Read More]
The producer of a major pro-life movie about Roe v. Wade says Facebook has prevented him from crowdfunding over the social media network. Nick... [Read More]
Hawaii officials said Saturday that a mobile alert saying a ballistic missile was headed for the state was a "false alarm" after people received the... [Read More]
Before being roasted in-house, finely ground and boiled in a raqwa pot at the chic, wood-accented digs at 6655 Schaefer Road, these beans embarked on... [Read More]
We answer your burning questions about the history behind the Netflix series. [Read More]
Actor Mark Wahlberg announced Saturday that he would donate the $1.5 million he received for reshoots of "All The Money in the World" to the "Time's... [Read More]
Canadian Prime Minister says anyone who disagrees that there is a right to abortion is "not in line" with "where we are as a society." [Read More]
Offering more money and better work conditions reflects the overall tightness of the labor market. [Read More]
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