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One in ten people in North Korea live as "modern slaves," the report found. [Read More]
More than a month after North Korea pledged to immediately return some American war dead, the promise is unfulfilled. [Read More]
North Korea will begin returning remains of U.S. soldiers missing in the Korean War in the next couple of weeks, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo... [Read More]
President Trump said Tuesday that the U.S. has no time limit for the agreement he signed with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un regarding denuclearization... [Read More]
The Latest on continuing reaction to President Donald Trump's summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin. (all times local): 6:30 a.m. President Donald Trump says... [Read More]
The remains of as many as 55 solders killed during the Korean War could be returned by July 27, the 65th anniversary of the signing... [Read More]
The preliminary details emerged after U.S. and North Korean officials held working-level talks Monday in the truce village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone. [Read More]
The United States secured "firm commitments" from North Korea on Sunday in efforts to negotiate the return of the remains of U.S. service members killed... [Read More]
The South Korean president is in Singapore, one month after Trump met KimJong Un there. [Read More]
The South Korean president offered a positive assessment of ongoing U.S.-North Korea talks while in the city, downplaying recent tension and miscommunication between the two... [Read More]
The U.S. accused North Korea of violating U.N. sanctions by illegally smuggling oil into its borders, The Associated Press reported Thursday. The AP obtained... [Read More]
Its central bank chief has been charged with bribery. A lawyer liquidating the bank that was accused of bribing him was killed in a hail... [Read More]
The United States said Thursday that North Korea has already exceeded the annual cap allowed for oil imports, and asked the United Nations to order... [Read More]
In a letter to the U.N. sanctions committee, the United States said North Korea has been evading sanctions through increasing ship-to-ship transfers of petroleum. [Read More]
President Trump on Thursday shared a letter he received from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, framing it as an example of progress between the two countries, even... [Read More]
President Trump shared a letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Thursday, praising the work being done with that country. Mr. Trump said... [Read More]
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