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Lawmakers have introduced a bill requiring uniformed federal police officers to wear body cameras and mandating dashboard cameras in marked vehicles, seeking transparency as questions... [Read More]
Two House Democrats have introduced a bill that would require uniformed federal police officers to wear body cameras and mandating dashboard cameras in marked vehicles,... [Read More]
A two-headed baby Eastern Copperhead was found in Woodbridge last week. [Read More]
Peering across the Potomac river from the Hilltop, high-rise buildings touting corporate names like Deloitte and Nestle dominate the horizon. The northern Virginia skyline might... [Read More]
Redskins Offensive Lineman Luke Bowanko played football in Centreville, Va. [Read More]
What can the DC-area expect with HQ2 coming to Northern Virginia. [Read More]
A Northern Virginia woman said a bar in the District failed to call police when another patron smashed a beer bottle across her face and... [Read More]
Most realtors agree the DMV will see a rise in home prices across the region, but differ on how fast it will happen and by... [Read More]
Since the announcement Tuesday, Amazon's HQ2 has brought on the quite the buzz for the DC-metro area. HQ2 is primed to make a major impact... [Read More]
The area's largest landowner, developer JGB Smith, is touting easy access to three Metro stations, Northern Virginia highways, and Reagan National Airport as well as... [Read More]
Amazon's Northern Virginia headquarters promises to bring about 25,000 commuters to the newly branded National Landing area, prompting many residents to picture clogged roads and... [Read More]
Innovation Campus will focus on graduate degree programs and research opportunities. [Read More]
Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome!... [Read More]
Amazon says it's moving to National Landing in Northern Virginia. If you're wondering where that is, you're not alone. News4's Cory Smith reports from Crystal... [Read More]
Amazon says it will hire 25,000 workers in Northern Virginia. State officials say they will train future employees starting when they're in high school. News4's... [Read More]
Happy Tuesday and welcome back to On The Money. I'm Sylvan Lane, and here's your nightly guide to everything affecting your bills, bank account and... [Read More]
FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald reports. [Read More]
As news of Amazon's move to Northern Virginia sinks in, residents and real estate watchers are monitoring the impact the announcement will have on rent... [Read More]
Amazon's new headquarters in Northern Virginia is going to have a big economic impact while also putting major demands on housing, transportation and infrastructure. [Read More]
Amazon's new Northern Virginia headquarters is set to to send economic tremors throughout the Washington, D.C. region.The arrival of 25,000 highly-skilled tech workers and millions... [Read More]
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