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The U.S. House recently passed legislation that would not only reopen the possibility of copper-nickel mining on the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area... [Read More]
Your Monday morning commute could be a slippery one.The National Weather Service reported up to 3 inches of snow is expected across Northeastern Minnesota and... [Read More]
The editorial cartoon on the News Tribune's Nov. 22 Opinion page, which depicted a man standing on a stool holding a long list of alleged... [Read More]
In two recent News Tribune articles, we read about our local politicians finding opportunities to spend tax income from citizens and businesses. I trust the... [Read More]
Sen. Al Franken pinned Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and NBC executives in a Senate hearing in 2010 and didn't let the moment pass: "It's really... [Read More]
President Donald Trump last week denied a report that the federal consumer financial watchdog might drop sanctions against Wells Fargo & Co. for alleged mortgage... [Read More]
Duluth Property TransactionsNov. 29 through Dec. 61213 103rd Ave. W., Allexus Nordsiden and D. Anderson purchased from John H. Owen for $134,900, residential, 10/17.1105 104th... [Read More]
This bankruptcy information is gathered from cases filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Duluth Nov. 30 through Dec. 4.DEBTOR: Donald C. HansonADDRESS: 1328 11th Ave.... [Read More]
Q: Is it legal for local police or State Patrol to make regular traffic stops with an unmarked vehicle (no markings at all) or does... [Read More]
As the fall grain harvest wraps up and with the holiday season now here, the importance of efficient, reliable transportation is front and center. And... [Read More]
or 'M.E.'?"), I would add some information of my own personal experience watching someone close suffer from this horrible disease. [Read More]
The generation, use, and distribution of compensatory-education funds, or comp-ed funds, are governed by a Minnesota state statute that allows for up to 50 percent... [Read More]
School finance is one of the most complicated topics to understand for any community member. There are so many "pots" of money, each with their... [Read More]
David Lee Stanaway Jan. 4, 1940 - Dec. 8, 2017 EVELETH, Minn. - David Lee Stanaway, 77, Eveleth, died Friday, Dec. 8, in his... [Read More]
Irene Lavoy Pearson Nov. 28, 1932 - Nov. 29, 2017 Duluth Minnesota - Irene Lavoy Pearson, 85, Duluth, died Wednesday, Nov. 29, in Duluth.... [Read More]
The last few Lake Superior woodland caribou may be on the brink of extirpation thanks to the freakishly cold winter of 2014 and hungry wolves... [Read More]
So you're thinking of heading south: Maybe Florida and the Disney parks for the holidays, Texas and environs for spring break, the Carolinas for a... [Read More]
Q: Can I angle with a hook and line while I am spearing for pike in a dark house?A: Yes. One line (rod or tip-up)... [Read More]
I have come west again, to kill a pheasant. Maybe several pheasants, should our fortune be so good.Gone now, the too-warm early-season days of October.... [Read More]
We are in the midst of the ice-fishing show season and are excited to get back to the water.We have been finding a little time... [Read More]
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