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Sometimes we don't really want to write the news, but we still want to share it. [Read More]
A prequel and a sequel from the same series have been added to Xbox One's backward compatibility program. [Read More]
Marvel Games executive director Bill Rosemann hints that Insomniac's take on Spidey is just the beginning for awesome superhero games. [Read More]
Niantic has officially unveiled a new Mythical 'mon, but there's still some mystery to it. [Read More]
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Studio Wildcard has announced plans to release official Conquest servers for Ark: Survival Evolved. [Read More]
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Epic Games has released another teaser image for Fortnite's sixth season. [Read More]
Kiryu will not be making an appearance in the Yakuza team's next game. [Read More]
Jackbox Games is targeting an October release date for its next party pack. [Read More]
Squad system improvements, new Trooper skins, and more are included in the latest Star Wars Battlefront II update. [Read More]