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“Annexation has an ugly sound, owing to an unhappy past. The term describes, among other tragedies, Saddam Hussein’s attempt, in 1990, to swallow Kuwait whole,... [Read More]
Given the geopolitical history between the two neighbors, Jakarta and Canberra understandably believe that the relationship between their respective militaries is vital to the broader... [Read More]
Australia and East Timor said on Tuesday (Jan 24) they aim to reach an agreement on a maritime border by the end of September, which... [Read More]
East Timor has dumped its spying case against Australia in the international court, raising hopes of an eventual end to the bitter stand-off over $40... [Read More]
Juve's logo love and hate . . . history bites back . . . Palermo's revolving door . . . East Timor Samba no more... [Read More]
East Timor has withdrawn its Australian espionage claims in the permanent court of arbitration as a "confidence-building measure", as the two countries continue to negotiate... [Read More]
The Asian Football Confederation says it found out that a dozen Brazilian-born soccer players playing for East Timor were registered using phony birth or baptism... [Read More]
East Timor is a small nation occupying the eastern half of the island Timor, which is a few hundred miles north of the Australian mainland.... [Read More]
East Timor's national soccer team has been banned from the 2023 AFC Asian Cup after fielding 12 ineligible Brazilian players in an apparent strategy to... [Read More]
A scam to provide Brazilian players with fake birth certificates to play in World Cup qualifying matches for East Timor has led to the country's... [Read More]
East Timor has been expelled from the 2023 Asian Cup after an investigation proved the national team selected as many as 12 Brazilian players during... [Read More]
For this edition of our look at daily life we share images from Serbia, East Timor, Portugal, Germany, and other countries from around the world. [Read More]
East Timor will hold a presidential election on March 20, an official said on Wednesday (Jan 18), and Nobel Peace laureate Jose Ramos-Horta may try... [Read More]
Home » News In the 'Village of Widows' ... [Read More]
East Timor axes a maritime border treaty with Australia to renegotiate access to lucrative oil reserves. [Read More]
The governments of Australia and East Timor said Monday that a bilateral treaty on maritime arrangements in the Timor Sea will be scrapped, marking a... [Read More]
Australia and East Timor have agreed to begin negotiations on a permanent maritime boundary between the two countries, potentially ending years of dispute over the... [Read More]
A contentious maritime border treaty between East Timor and Australia which cuts through lucrative oil and gas fields in the Timor Sea is to be... [Read More]
East Timor will abandon the multibillion-dollar oil and gas treaty at the centre of sensational spying claims by Australia. [Read More]
Shyu currently speaks 8 languages, sings in more, and has studied music and dance in East Timor, Indonesia, S. Korea, Taiwan, China, Cuba, and Brazil. [Read More]
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