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East Timor's new government has suffered a defeat in parliament after a coalition of opposition parties vetoed its policy program. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said... [Read More]
An agreement to develop oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea has been referred to East Timor. [Read More]
East Timor's three opposition parties say they are ready to form a parliamentary majority alliance to take office if programs of a newly sworn-in minority... [Read More]
Catalonian separatists' claim of victory in their illegal referendum has reverberated around the globe and rekindled aspirations as far away as Brazil. Independence campaigns are often fueled... [Read More]
East Timor President Francisco "Lu Olo" Guterres swore in the remaining members of the new cabinet on Tuesday and urged the first minority government since... [Read More]
They are nicknamed "pills with four legs" -- highly-trained dogs helping ex-Australian military veterans overcome the mental scars of war.Australia's servicemen and women have in... [Read More]
Portuguese speakers are in high demand in the city as it moves to strengthen trade links between China and the Lusosphere, including Portugal, Brazil, Angola,... [Read More]