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JUAN MANUEL SANTOS, Colombia's president, won a Nobel prize in 2016 for ending a 52-year war with the left-wing FARC guerrilla group, but criminals with... [Read More]
ON THE winter solstice in 2017, a team of researchers waited in the pre-dawn chill of the Atacama desert. Before them stood two square piles... [Read More]
LIKE a nervous candidate in a job interview, shy yet formal, she fielded questions ranging from how to handle Chinese infiltration to why she always... [Read More]
THE sterile façade of Kato Ladies Clinic gives little hint of the fecundity inside. Nestling among a plantation of high-rises in a business district of... [Read More]
DEMOCRACY'S worldwide retreat makes no exception for South-East Asia. In the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has thrown the law to the wind in his war... [Read More]
"PLEASE don't leave us." From the dozens of e-mails in people's inboxes, begging them to give their consent to be sent further messages, you could... [Read More]
IN THE run-up to Ramadan artisans set to work on fawanis, the lanterns that hang in Egyptian homes and streets throughout the month-long holiday. Many... [Read More]
ALTHOUGH they lack the intense personal drama of a presidential race, America's mid-term elections in November will be hugely important. Every seat in the House... [Read More]
ONE of the more extreme recent cases of corporate bribery is that of LafargeHolcim, a giant Swiss-French cement-maker which was accused in 2016 of funnelling... [Read More]
THEY have vanishingly few opportunities to speak to foreigners and, even when they are allowed to, risk landing in a labour camp if caught saying... [Read More]
WORK is like a capricious lover whose incessant demands are resented but who is missed terribly when they are not there. The relationship is long-term;... [Read More]
AS THE territory held by Islamic State (IS) shrivelled in Syria, American generals spoke of "stabilisation" and "consolidation". But seven months after an American-led coalition... [Read More]
IRELAND has voted decisively in favour of a referendum proposal to scrap its 35-year-old constitutional ban on abortion, with 66.4% of voters supporting repeal. [Read More]
EVERY afternoon in Samaná, a small coffee-growing town in the Colombian Andes, prosperous townspeople mount Paso Fino horses to ride from bar to bar, where... [Read More]
The Economist's Open Future initiative aims to remake the case for the values of individual freedom and free markets in the 21st century. [Read More]
A DAY is a long time in Spanish politics. On the evening of May 23rd Mariano Rajoy, the conservative prime minister, was celebrating his minority... [Read More]
IRISH voters will decide in today's referendum whether to strike down the constitution's eighth amendment, which prohibits abortions except to save the mother's life. Two-thirds... [Read More]
THIS WEEK, Stacey Abrams became the first African-American woman ever to win a major-party nomination for governor when she beat Stacey Evans in Georgia's primary.... [Read More]
BETWEEN 1933 and 1945, in a systematic effort, Germany's Nazi party stole or forced compulsory purchase of a vast number of artworks, both from museums... [Read More]
TO DESCRIBE Moon Jae-in's expression as "ashen-faced" would be an understatement. In a photograph released by his office early on May 25th, South Korea's president... [Read More]
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