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The Reserve Bank predicts rising resource exports in a more positive global environment will spur growth as the drag from falling mining investment wanes. [Read More]
A century-plus ago oil was struck in Beaumont, changing the course of history in Texas. Anthony Lucas discovered the gusher on Spindletop Hill on Jan.... [Read More]
A tax proposed by Singapore on emissions of greenhouse gases will likely cover the city-state's oil refineries, a government official said on Tuesday (Feb 21),... [Read More]
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"The Great Wall" opened last weekend in the U.S. to mixed results, despite being an overwhelming success in China. This film represents a shift away... [Read More]
A bill introduced on Monday at the State House of Representatives by a Democrat and a Republican from Missoula would have immense ramifications for the... [Read More]
Germany's still at the reins, but the overvalued euro is putting other members under growing pressure, with Greece's wafer-thin economy once again falling under the... [Read More]
Britons are now more concerned about the economy than they are about terrorism or immigration, a survey showed on Tuesday (Feb 21), another sign that... [Read More]
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But may be effective from April 1, Budget factored 7% increase... [Read More]
Thousands of highly paid workers are setting themselves up as self-employed to dodge tax in a move that threatens to leave the Treasury £6 billion... [Read More]
Who would have thought that the world's richest man, a rapacious capitalist-turned-philanthropist, and a hard-left socialist politician had much in common? But there you have... [Read More]
The business secretary pledged the government's "unbounded commitment" to protect jobs at Vauxhall yesterday amid fears for the British workforce if the business is sold.... [Read More]
The high level of interconnectedness between sectors of the Irish economy could leave the country exposed to adverse financial shocks, research has found. In a... [Read More]
Ireland has made poor progress economically, socially and environmentally despite being the fastest-growing economy in Europe, according to a study. The Sustainable Progress Index, compiled... [Read More]
Ireland has made poor progress economically, socially and environmentally despite being the fastest growing economy in Europe, new research has found. Academics behind the study... [Read More]
Nine months after voting to leave the European Union, the outlook for the economy has become the overriding concern of Britons, according to survey by... [Read More]