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Gov. Ralph Northam has just gotten rid of two State Air Pollution Control Board members less than a week after they voiced concerns over the... [Read More]
Those who complain that governments shouldn't be paying companies to create jobs won't get any argument here. The practice is distasteful, although practical. As long... [Read More]
Green groups starting the recognize the necessity of thinning fuel loads... [Read More]
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For bicycle commuting to be possible, of course, both cyclists and drivers of cars and trucks have to respect each other on the road. [Read More]
The hour of reckoning may be arriving for Facebook, a company that has managed to become among the most arrogant and dangerous social media firms... [Read More]
It's clear from a letter state Rep. Dan Flynn sent to Galveston Mayor Jim Yarbrough last week that the main question facing city negotiators, the... [Read More]
The bipartisan "First Step Act" would lower some mandatory minimum sentences and fund federal prison education and rehabilitation programs. The proposal also would allow federal... [Read More]
Independent student newspaper for the University of California, Los Angeles. [Read More]
Nearly 30 years after the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child, the need has never been more pressing... [Read More]
The Richmond region has seen a couple encouraging examples of regional cooperation recently. The most heartwarming - and heartbreaking - have been when local fire... [Read More]
For years, we've enjoyed watching Virginia Tech build and maintain one of the most successful programs in college football. A selling point, even to the... [Read More]
Since at least the 19th Century American turkey producers have been sending birds to the White House for the first family's Thanksgiving dinner. [Read More]
For Washingtonians who voted by mail, seeing video of people waiting hours to vote in Georgia was excruciating. It was like watching someone use a... [Read More]
Rising casualties. Aerial assaults. Weary ground forces. The charred desolation of thousands of homes. The most apt metaphor about California's rampaging wildfires is warfare.And just... [Read More]
This time the bloodshed that indelibly stains Chicago violated this city's first chartered hospital, a haven and healer that's given life for 166 years. We'll... [Read More]
After the passing of Stan Lee, creator of the Marvel Comics, and Douglas Rain, notable for voicing Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey, one feels... [Read More]
We're still more than half a year from the next July 4 celebration, but it's always a good time to discuss the use of illegal... [Read More]
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Like many newspapers, the Observer understands the importance of having a great front-page photo every week. [Read More]