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When you met Roy Reed, it was forgivable if you didn't know you were in the presence of one of journalism's finest practitioners. He was... [Read More]
Winter does not officially begin until next week, but winter weather is here. [Read More]
The Medford City Council has agreed to expand the downtown exclusion zone to include the Jackson County Courthouse — but not other government buildings as... [Read More]
When considering the deadly toll the opioid epidemic has taken on the Mountain State, attempting to equate an actual dollar amount to the great harm... [Read More]
Americans have a history of being generous people. Hopefully, that won't change during this Christmas holiday season. [Read More]
Approving a contract that many end up forcing the district to cut teaching positions down the road doesn't help anybody, especially students. [Read More]
State officials went to great lengths to stymie an audit of the Oregon Health Authority. [Read More]
Once upon a time, Missouri gun-rights activists proudly upheld this state's right to pass and enforce its own laws. If you didn't like them, well,... [Read More]
The North Country has two populations that have impact on the economic and cultural landscape here: the Native American territories in Franklin and Clinton counties... [Read More]
Very Fake News CNN has very low editorial standards when publishing 'exclusive' bombshell stories. It turns out CNN didn't even contact Donald Trump Jr for... [Read More]
Litigation is rarely the best way to settle differences. It's expensive and the outcome is far from certain. But Gallatin County commissioners were wise to... [Read More]
The University of Nebraska continues to expand its relationship with the Pentagon through an increasing array of significant military-related research projects. [Read More]
Their numbers are rapidly shrinking.The World War II veterans who turned out Thursday for Wilmington's Pearl Harbor Commemoration are in their 90s. Korean War vets... [Read More]
The bumper stickers and lawn signs that quip, "This property protected by Smith & Wesson" can be a macho declaration of support for Second Amendment... [Read More]
It shouldn't be this way, but ensuring our drinking water is safe will require a long and persistent effort. A modest but important step was taken... [Read More]
No. 6 made it No. 6 for the University of Oklahoma Sooners. No. 6 Baker Mayfield became the sixth OU player to receive the coveted... [Read More]
I want to offer some insight as to what Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers experience while responding to alcohol-related fatality accidents during the holiday season, specifically... [Read More]
Congress is in the final wrestling match stage of creating a $1.5 trillion tax reform package. You know Republicans want to get the deal done,... [Read More]
Massachusetts appears to be the only state that sends some of its civilly committed patients to a jail-like setting. [Read More]