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The 250 or so seats in Dalton City Hall's council chambers were mostly full the evening of Nov. 29, 2016, while several people stood along the room's back wall. [Read More]
Inauguration Day 2017 was a reminder of the awesome nature of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power that sets an example for the rest of the world. [Read More]
Following the purchase of additional land adjacent to the downtown Metra station, the City of Naperville is soliciting proposals to develop the eight acres the city now owns in that area. We are... [Read More]
Medicaid officials tap the brakes on Iowa's billion-dollar giveaway to nursing homes... [Read More]
President Trump campaigned as an agent of change in coal country. He told audiences in Ohio, West Virginia and elsewhere that he would bring jobs back. It was hard to see how exactly... [Read More]
A workers' comp bill must ensure the system continues to deliver on its basic premise — that injured workers get qualitycare and fair treatment. [Read More]
The important questions are whether students aspiring to teach in our public schools are being properly prepared by their colleges, and whether the tests are properly measuring their capabilities. [Read More]
Chelsea Manning put hundreds of lives at risk with document dump... [Read More]
A consolation prize of Santa Maria's Abel Maldonado... [Read More]
This weekend, director M. Night Shyamalan scored his first number one opening in over a dozen years with his new suspense thriller Split which rocketed to the top spot with an debut of... [Read More]
Brief thoughts on some of the events making news from around Franklin County and the North Quabbin area:Love of community can be demonstrated in a number of ways. There are those people who... [Read More]
Democrats need to stop this by settling on a more humane plan before Christie makes his move. [Read More]
In filing a counterclaim against his victim, former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert reminds us he got away lightly on charges of child sexual abuse. [Read More]
Life has been a little quieter around the farm lately, but there is always something to do. There are pig chores every day, of course, and the horses need to... [Read More]
Rio Rancho Public Schools Superintendent Sue Cleveland recently told the Observer how she wished teaching would again be considered an honorable profession. We agree. [Read More]
History was made Saturday. The Trump administration had barely entered office when more than 1 million protesters joined the colossal Women's March on Washington — which spread to almost every U.S. city and... [Read More]
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We look at Drake and Wizkid's latest collaboration through the lens of their 2016 mega-hit "One Dance." [Read More]
Despite the belligerence and rhetoric of his campaign, some had hoped that Donald Trump, in his inaugural address, would seek to heal the wounds created by a divisive campaign. But the 45th President... [Read More]
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