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The Golden State Warriors are in crisis mode. After averaging a league-high 29.3 assists per game this season, the Warriors notched just 14... [Read More]
Lee will never not be a name that hearkens back to the worst history of the district and the city: segregation and violent racism. It... [Read More]
A new investment program linked with Opportunity Zones could benefit several communities across the Sauk Valley. We encourage Rock Falls, Dixon, Savanna, Rochelle and other... [Read More]
Flaherty to start against Pittsburgh. [Read More]
It doesn't happen often, but sometimes a person becomes synonymous with a town. Such is the case with Smithsburg and Mickey Myers. If you say... [Read More]
For a God-and-guns politician who in 2013 posted a Facebook image of a semi-automatic pistol nuzzled up against a Bible, Gov. Greg Abbott's gun violence... [Read More]
The Irish have swept aside one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the developed world in a landslide vote that reflects Ireland's emergence as... [Read More]
The heat helps with germination. [Read More]
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley released troubling preliminary data about untested rape kits. Law enforcement, medical providers and crime labs reported 4,889 unprocessed kits, but... [Read More]
Kansas City officials have known for decades that the city's aging infrastructure needed repair. But they must also take steps to slow the rise of... [Read More]
Lori Heaton bought yellow tablecloths to cut into ribbons right after hearing that Holt, her neighbor, was coming home after spending nearly two years in... [Read More]
Swastikas also were spray-painted on 10 homes and 2 cars in a nearby Edwardsville subdivision. [Read More]
North Carolina Republican legislators are putting the proposed state budget in a conference report. That means no amendments or real input by Democrats or most... [Read More]
Marissa Nichol is the Irving I. Stone Editorial Intern for the summer. [Read More]
Gareth Bale came off the bench to score twice as Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 to win the 2018 UEFA... [Read More]
The Arizona Department of Education is considering changes to school science standards, including instances when it may remove or alter references to evolution. The state's... [Read More]
Thousands of people are heading to the Capital One Arena for Game 7 of the Caps-Lightning matchup--even though the team isn't even in town. [Read More]
Caps alum Peter Bondra talks about the excitement leading up to Game 7 against the Lightning. [Read More]
Eric Flack got a behind-the-scenes look at what the Capitals players did to warm up before Game 7 against the Lightning. [Read More]