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The first shoe dropped last week in regard to what the Trump administration thinks about marijuana legalization, and while pot advocates were alarmed, it's too... [Read More]
Thousands of state public employees say they're ready to walk out. ... [Read More]
[...] if this session of the Legislature sees the demise of plans for a bullet train running between Houston and Dallas, don't shed any tears.... [Read More]
No one can be faulted for striving for success. [Read More]
When alleyways, sidewalks, vacant properties and parking lots become an orphanage for abandoned shopping carts, they contribute to the festering problem of blight that cities... [Read More]
It might just be time for Safford to explore becoming a charter city. [Read More]
This bidding ordinance considerably weakens Lansing. [Read More]
In the intense competition that is a hallmark of Montana high school basketball tournaments, four teams took time out last week to show solidarity with... [Read More]
Wednesday's announcement of the discovery of seven planets that might sustain life, found orbiting a dwarf star, should give a boost to interest in space... [Read More]
Nighttime photographs of the United States from space are at first surprising and, upon reflection, dismaying. In rural stretches of North Dakota and Texas, where... [Read More]
Neil Gorsuch, nominee for the Supreme Court, has been working to win the support of... [Read More]
The Illini appeared to be dead in the water a few weeks back. But their late-season surge has given them an opportunity to creep back... [Read More]
Local allergists say the warm winter appears to be creating a prolonged tree allergy season. [Read More]
Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes "You Said It," a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper's editorial board. [Read More]
Prompt action against those threatening Gurmehar Kaur would send the right message at a time when tempers are running high... [Read More]
THE ISSUE... [Read More]
The transition away from coal is not just about energy; it's about people. The sooner the government attends to the impact on Ontarians, the better. [Read More]
The Ontario government had it right last year when it imposed a $3,000 cap on rebates for luxury vehicles. It should reimpose it for luxury... [Read More]
In the midst of all the palace intrigue coming out of the White House, the Republican-controlled Congress found time to eliminate an Obama administration rule... [Read More]
Oklahoma lawmakers need to be careful with a bill working its way through the process. [Read More]