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Addiction is a devastating problem in Missouri. But legislation being debated in Jefferson City takes the wrong approach, seeking to criminalize mothers-to-be who use drugs. [Read More]
It's become painfully clear that American schools need tighter security. Arming teachers is not the way to achieve that. But until we... [Read More]
Kentucky has a problem. [Read More]
The 23rd Olympic Winter Games will wrap up with a closing ceremony on Sunday. [Read More]
It would appear annual father-daughter dances held around Valentine's Day, as well as mother-son dances, typically held around Mother's Day, are on the endangered list.While... [Read More]
 A grand jury finally handed down some indictments sought by special counsel Robert Mueller about Russian political activities before, during and after the 2016 election.... [Read More]
I left the theater wondering why the 'Black Panther' movie was created. [Read More]
He was less than a block away when someone shot and killed a man inside a vehicle, police said... [Read More]
An Ottawa County judge has dismissed fines against a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental business, throwing out the $50 fee the village imposes for each rental... [Read More]
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Will Phil Murphy surprise us and talk about tax relief? Unless taxpayers and some contrarian legislators start banging on garbage can lids, don't count on... [Read More]
Thirty-two dead in 2007 at Virginia Tech. Twenty-seven dead — including 20 6- and 7-year-olds! — in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown,... [Read More]
The Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board is listening. We demand our region's elected federal and state leaders do, too.        ... [Read More]
Our Saturday editorial briefs tackle some of the offbeat news from the past week. [Read More]
The best way to ensure a measure of justice for Tina Fontaine is to ensure that the inquiry she helped to inspire does not end... [Read More]
Bi-Mart filed for a building permit earlier this month to remodel the old Paul's Market building in Caldwell. [Read More]
When you cast your vote on March 20, the name not on the ballot is the name that counts: House Speaker Mike Madigan. [Read More]
Asked by The Pantagraph editorial board if he had any regrets about his job, GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner brought up the Frank Sinatra standard "My... [Read More]
One need not be a believer to recognize the basic decency evident in "refusing to preach Jim Crow," which meant refusing to preach to segregated... [Read More]