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Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 09:05 AM
Speculating on industry ... [Read More]
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Take action for the health of Leominster s schoolchildren... [Read More]
The rats gnawing around the treasured Hall of State archives are glad to have the run of Fair Park. Same for the encroaching algae oozing... [Read More]
The rats gnawing around the treasured Hall of State archives are glad to have the run of Fair Park. Same for the encroaching algae oozing... [Read More]
Just a few days of missed school because of a suspension can have a profound effect on a child's life. The consequences of excessive discipline... [Read More]
After a court fight forced a trustee's resignation, Parkland College is looking to fill out its full complement of trustees.Just as there was widespread interest... [Read More]
Wink.Wink.That largely has been the attitude of the state of Ohio regarding the sale of fireworks.For many years, Ohioans have been allowed to purchase fireworks... [Read More]
Twice a year, students in Albany schools get lessons on how to ride the bus safely, regardless of whether they're regular riders. [Read More]
We all know that Montana is in a very difficult budgetary situation. Over the past few weeks, I have heard the same message over and... [Read More]
Trump's insecurity about his intellect is one of the constants of his journey on the public stage over the last several decades. (The other two... [Read More]
A Hamilton speaker won the Toastmasters Division A speech contest in Columbia Falls on Oct. 7. [Read More]
My Kids Closet is hosting "The Largest Consignment Sale in Western Montana" at the Interstate Building at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds, Oct. 20–22. [Read More]
The naming of a border patrol checkpoint in recognition of a U.S. Borden Patrol agent who was killed in the field by criminals who were... [Read More]
Florida's Constitution Revision Commission has a chance to help prevent the routine disenfranchisement of voters. The commission should seize this opportunity.The state constitution calls for... [Read More]
Why it matters: "Bump stocks" allowed the Las Vegas shooter to create a rapid-fire, machine gun-like weapon to massacre 58 people and injure 500 more. [Read More]
How could a World Cup without Argentina, home to the worlds best soccer talents, be? More specifically, what would a World Cup look like if... [Read More]
One of the "Wouldn't it be great ..." wishes for the city might become a reality if the new owner of Bresee Tower can carry... [Read More]
The LSJ Editorial Board endorses Peter Spadafore and Kyle Bowman for at large seats on the Lansing City Council, vote Nov. 7. [Read More]
It's hard to believe that, with Earth Day's birth 37 years ago, we're still trying to get a basic recycling program off the ground in... [Read More]
If you're reading this, congratulations: Someone taught you the squiggles are letters and together they can form words and, lined up in a row, they... [Read More]