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The chaos of the Camp Fire was reflected in the chaos of the missing persons list. The number of names on the list would yo-yo... [Read More]
Another Camp Fire edition of "Hits and misses." Hit: Kudos to Butte Regional Transit for getting bus service running from Magalia to Chico. People living on... [Read More]
It's been a month today since the Camp Fire destroyed much of Paradise, Concow and a good portion of the lower Magalia. More than 13,000... [Read More]
In an unusual and potentially ominous case, the state of California is taking over a small insurance company that went bankrupt over the Camp Fire.... [Read More]
With at least 88 people dead in the Camp fire in Northern California — and with Pacific Gas & Electric's equipment once again the prime... [Read More]
The housing market is Butte County is suddenly torrid, but for an unfortunate reason. And it doesn't make our area look good. The Camp Fire... [Read More]