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This year's Columbus Day was one of the most divisive in recent memory. Multiple statues of the discoverer were defaced.The most prominent Columbus statue in... [Read More]
We are not proponents of changing place names to better fit political correctness. President Obama was wrong, in our opinion, to change the name of... [Read More]
The following editorial appeared in The Times-News of Cumberland, Maryland, a sister publication of The Tribune-Democrat, which embraces its message.Oct. 12 was the true Columbus... [Read More]
This Columbus Day afternoon, my wife joined a group of concerned citizens at the Carlisle town square to increase awareness of local homelessness. Earlier this... [Read More]
Columbus Day was celebrated Monday to extend the weekend for some, but it was on today's date in 1492 that Christopher Columbus sighted the New... [Read More]
Columbus Day did not pass without protests locally — at the Columbus Day Parade in Bloomfield — and elsewhere as objectors demanded it be named... [Read More]
As a member of the Borger Scout Troop 507, I would like to thank the veterans and our community for their support both emotionally and... [Read More]
History is written by the victors, and so it is that we are brought up learning mainly one viewpoint of events. The view of the... [Read More]
More than 30,000 Montana children's health coverage will end early next year — unless Congress acts in its few "work" days between its Columbus Day,... [Read More]
Forcing indigenous people to share a University holiday with the man who symbolizes their abuse is cruel and inappropriate. [Read More]
Today's editorial is to those responsible for stealing and destroying several U.S. flags that belonged to a Boy Scouts troop in Borger. (Borger police investigate... [Read More]
Columbus shouldn't be treated as a cartoon hero, but that also means that he shouldn't be senselessly villainized. We need to look at him realistically. [Read More]
Patrick Korten of the National Christopher Columbus Association and DC Councilwoman Anita Bonds joins Bruce Johnson on Off Script to talk about Columbus Day. [Read More]
As we mark this profound event, we need not shy away from the darker parts of our history. Nor must we treat Columbus as a... [Read More]
Editor's note: On this Columbus Day 2017,  a reprint of a Trib editorial. Thank goodness for Christopher Columbus. Today we wholeheartedly celebrate the renowned explorer... [Read More]
For years children in elementary school or even earlier have learned this simple rhyme:... [Read More]
In Santa Fe and other cities in our nation this Monday, instead of the traditional Columbus Day, there will be a celebration of this nation's... [Read More]
Perhaps lost in the post-Charlottesville furor over Confederate monuments has been a new move to banish or repurpose Columbus Day. And that day is upon... [Read More]
Monday is Columbus Day, which is one of 10 federal holidays observed by this nation. The day commemorates the date (Oct. 12, 1492) when Italian-born... [Read More]
The fabled New England fall foliage may be a bust so far year, but that hasn't stopped Franklin County from busting out all over —... [Read More]