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Pity poor Theresa May and her faltering plan for Britain to exit the European Union. Whatever it is, her critics are against it. [Read More]
Theresa May, the United Kingdom's prime minister, survived a no-confidence vote on Wednesday, but even that might not be enough to stave off a hard... [Read More]
After delaying a vote in Parliament on the Brexit agreement she reached with the European Union, British Prime Minister Theresa May met Tuesday with European... [Read More]
Facing a historic defeat for her Brexit deal in Parliament, British Prime Minister Theresa May has, almost unbelievably, managed to make things worse.In a speech... [Read More]
William Shakespeare famously wrote of the "sceptered isle" of Britain acting as a moat "against the envy of less happier lands." Lately, the less happier... [Read More]
Where once parliament was going to take back control and have the House of Commons hold a "meaningful vote" on Brexit, we now discover that... [Read More]