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The Northern Star Editorial Board stands beside the brave individuals who spoke up against gun violence and agrees student participation in walkouts is essential in... [Read More]
We all want safe schools. Students and parents want learning to be paramount, not worrying about gun violence. [Read More]
Following the Constitution dogmatically is as ridiculous and foolish as following one political party dogmatically. The Constitution is a good governing document but it was... [Read More]
Last week's headlines and photographs will likely stick with many of us for a long time to come: young people streaming out of schools across... [Read More]
Congress should repeal the Dickey Amendment and allow the CDC to conduct research in the roots, patterns and cures for gun violence. [Read More]
Observer readers comment on political moderates, the firing of Andrew McCabe, use of public funds by Trump and his cabinet, school inequity, prayer in schools,... [Read More]
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That old remark "don't bother me with facts" applies to the National Rifle Association. Indeed, if facts are alien to NRA protocol, the NRA simply... [Read More]
The local chapter of Moms Demand Action is considered one of the largest in the country. [Read More]
It's becoming clear that we can have a conversation about solutions to gun violence without splitting into factions or being drowned out by the gun... [Read More]
On Wednesday, thousands of students across the country, and hundreds in Norman, walked out of school. They did so to protest the gun violence that... [Read More]
The Missoulian... [Read More]
The walkouts organized by students in Montana and across the nation last week, one month after 17 of their peers were killed in a shooting... [Read More]
This past Wednesday, students in central Ohio and across the country walked out of classes to protest gun violence that took 17 lives at a... [Read More]
High-school and middle-school students left classes across America on Wednesday morning for a synchronized protest in response to gun violence. Many of the walkouts lasted... [Read More]
In our hyper-news-cycle world, yesterday's shocking story can quickly be forgotten.Like the Parkland, Fla. high school massacre. Or the massacre before that. And the one... [Read More]
Among the legislative initiatives under discussion to stem gun violence, one in particular needs a massive show of support now. We need to encourage state... [Read More]
This week's topic: School children across the country walked out of class Wednesday to protest gun violence. Do you think this movement will have any... [Read More]
Students in SLO County joined Wednesday's walkout to oppose gun violence. Sadly, the protests were marred by threats in Atascadero and Santa Maria. [Read More]
After 14 more children were murdered in a school shooting in Parkland, Fla., last month, many people refused to see that easy access by teenagers... [Read More]