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Taylor Swift was featured on Time's Person of the Year cover on Wednesday, as one of 2017′s "silence breakers" who spoke out during this year's... [Read More]
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As the #MeToo movement continues to gather momentum following liberal icon Harvey Weinstein's fall from grace, we've been dismayed and discouraged by the difference in... [Read More]
News-Miner opinion: Ever since movie executive Harvey Weinstein was outed for sexual misconduct in October, the national news has been flooded with stories of men... [Read More]
#MeToo by... [Read More]
On Wednesday, Matt Lauer and Garrison Keillor joined the ranks of high-powered media personalities and executives who have been accused of sexual misconduct in the... [Read More]
I want to praise Jeremy Piven. That's a risky thing to do, I know. Piven is one of Those Men. One of those big entertainment... [Read More]
For weeks now, a series of powerful and prominent men have been accused of inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment or assault. From Harvey Weinstein to Charlie Rose,... [Read More]