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Last week, readers were asked "Do you think Trump's military parade proposal is a good idea? [Read More]
So, President Trump wants a parade and the Pentagon is working on giving him one. We love a parade as much as the next person.... [Read More]
The White House is forging ahead with plans for the latest Trump-inspired spectacle: a huge military parade through the streets of Washington. [Read More]
The White House is forging ahead with plans for the latest Trump-inspired spectacle: a huge military parade through the streets of Washington.You know, tanks rumbling... [Read More]
Read Editorial cartoon: Military parade from The Daily Astorian... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants to have a great military parade. [Read More]
Perhaps President Donald Trump's interest in a military parade is just yet another silly idea that will soon be forgotten, not really worthy of editorial... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to review options for holding a July 4 military parade in Washington, D. [Read More]
The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board has always greatly admired and strongly advocated for our armed forces. The men and women of the military deserve... [Read More]
Precedence and proximity to Washington D.C. could prevent Utah-based service members, especially reservists, from participating in President Donald Trump's proposed military parade — although the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's desire to put on a military parade as a show of military strength would divert funds needed for more pressing needs. [Read More]
Trump's military parade earns a big W, for waste. [Read More]
On what level does it make sense for the United States to stage a military parade in our nation's capital? None that we know of.It... [Read More]
Trump military parade. [Read More]
President Donald Trump’s brainstorm to stage a flashy military parade has been met with considerable skepticism. Trump reportedly was inspired by France’s Bastille Day celebration,... [Read More]
For as many reasons as there are not to have a military parade in America, there are just as many, if not more, reasons for... [Read More]
France's tradition comes from a place of pacifism and international goodwill, with French soldiers carrying flags of the European Union and including troops from other... [Read More]
This truly has become the administration of bread and circuses. The stock market has had a week of the jitters. The government faces yet another... [Read More]
President Donald Trump was impressed with a military parade he saw this summer on Bastille Day in Paris. [Read More]
After a trip to France last summer when President Emmanuel Macron invited him to observe the Bastille Day Parade, President Donald Trump started ... [Read More]