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The nation's newsrooms are pushing back against President Donald Trump with a coordinated series of newspaper editorials condemning his attacks. [Read More]
President Donald Trump calling the press "the enemy of the American people" is an attempt to discredit the free press, which also risks endangering journalists. [Read More]
President Donald Trump has veered into perilous territory with his assault on the free press and the First Amendment. His references to journalists as the... [Read More]
For the past two years, we — along with the rest of the American press — have been the target of growing hostility and unwarranted... [Read More]
Most of the lands removed from southern Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument would be available to coal mining and other extractive uses under new draft... [Read More]
No American president, or any city council member, for that matter, has ever unreservedly delighted in the way he or she was presented in the... [Read More]
Politicians often grumble about journalists. But President Donald Trump has upped the ante to a level unprecedented in modern times. No, the press is not... [Read More]
This war between the mainstream media and President Donald Trump has to stop.It is causing Americans to disbelieve much of what they read and hear... [Read More]
We join with hundreds of other newspapers of all sizes on this day (Aug. 16, 2018) to denounce President Donald Trump's dirty war against America's... [Read More]
An estimated 70 newspapers across the country are devoting editorial space on Thursday to a joint appeal for President Donald Trump to cease and desist... [Read More]
Since taking office nearly two years ago, President Donald Trump has dismantled the decorum of leadership we've learned to expect from the White House. His... [Read More]
Newspapers the "enemy of the people?" We firmly believe most Americans know that President Donald Trump is talking nonsense. [Read More]
• Trump roars against Harley, Aug. 13If you listen to President Donald Trump, it sounds like there is one company in particular that is so... [Read More]
President Donald Trump seems to be pulling out all the stops to derail Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in American elections. [Read More]
The Trump administration last week announced that it wants to create a sixth branch of the military — Space Force. Don't let this sci-fi drama... [Read More]
Thanks to efforts by two of Utah's members of Congress, the nation may soon have a three-digit suicide and mental health crisis hotline similar to... [Read More]
The head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is stepping down after a 14-month tenure in which the agency proposed broad changes to rules... [Read More]
The appointment of a United States Supreme Court Justice is one of the most profound legacies that a U. S. President can achieve. The opportunity... [Read More]
The next presidential election is not until Nov. 3, 2020.However, it is not too early to take a look at who among Democrats might challenge... [Read More]
The following editorial appears on Bloomberg Opinion: The Trump administration's new sanctions against Russia, imposed last week in response to the poisoning in the U.K.... [Read More]