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President Donald Trump reportedly has expressed plans to start generating profits for America by making foreign countries pay when U.S. troops are based on their... [Read More]
The Constitution's emoluments clauses are there for a reason. So why is so little attention being paid to whether President Donald Trump is blatantly violating... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has pulled offa rare achievement. His bizarre attackson John McCain have stirred emotion, support and longing for a U.S. senator and war... [Read More]
President Donald Trump issued an executive order Thursday in which he warned that universities risked access to more than $35 billion in annual federal research... [Read More]
Sen. John McCain has been dead for seven months yet President Donald Trump keeps his criticism of the war hero alive. He can't let it... [Read More]
Senator James Lankford, R-OK, applauded President Donald Trump this week after Trump signed an Executive Order to improve transparency and promote free speech in higher... [Read More]
An executive order that President Donald Trump issued Thursday got headlines over its warning that college campuses must be hospitable to conservative speakers and students.... [Read More]
That's what President Donald Trump called the white supremacist movement now rearing its pathetic, internet-addled head worldwide. Yes, a small group of people, including the... [Read More]
Perhaps President Donald Trump has a plan. [Read More]
It was already bad enough that President Donald Trump felt compelled to coddle his personal insecurities over the weekend by regurgitating his embarrassing resentment of... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's plan to divert $6.6 billion from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department to help pay for the construction of a border wall... [Read More]
Last week President Donald Trump issued the first veto of his administration after both houses of Congress passed a resolution to terminate the national emergency... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's plan to divert $6.6 billion from the Pentagon and the Treasury Department to help pay for the construction of a border wall... [Read More]
While campaigning last fall to be Minnesota's next attorney general, Keith Ellison was accused of only wanting the position so he could take on President... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is not backing down from his attacks on the late Sen. John McCain, on Tuesday saying he was "never" fond of the... [Read More]
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 -- While dogged during a Congressional hearing in demanding the truth from Michael Cohen, N.C. Republican Mark Meadows has been more... [Read More]
In January, President Donald Trump proclaimed National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, pledging to marshal "every resource we have to confront this threat" and... [Read More]
Think there's no climate- change debate in New York? It's not the insipid one that lingers in some states and on President Donald Trump's Twitter... [Read More]
Global cooperation is the first and necessary step to successfully face these challenges. With many world leaders such as US President Donald Trump showing a... [Read More]
In a rare display of spine, 12 Republican senators on Thursday defied their president and joined Democrats in passing a resolution to nullify President Donald... [Read More]