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The last time we weighed in on Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment (ZTE), it was to tell Congress to stand strong where President Donald Trump... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's order on Wednesday to stop separating children from parents who cross illegally into the United States halted a hideous brutality, but it... [Read More]
Americans alarmed about President Donald Trump's attacks on their basic democratic institutions need to look no further for evidence now than at the travesty occurring... [Read More]
President Donald Trump went too far in holding thousands of children hostage in a twisted scheme to get his border wall built. Nothing could justify... [Read More]
After being justly pilloried for days for the policy of separating immigrant parents from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump gave in... [Read More]
Missouri Gov. Mike Parson was among a handful of governors who met with President Donald Trump in the White House Thursday. [Read More]
Outside of all the politicking and counter-politicking yesterday during President Donald Trump's historic visit to Duluth, a bit of time encouragingly was set aside for... [Read More]
In forcing President Donald Trump to retreat on his policy of separating children from parents when families cross into the United States without permission, Americans... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's predilection with Chinese trade should not be taken lightly.China's balance of trade with the U.S. is substantial and the surplus of American... [Read More]
The European Union will start taxing on Friday a range of imports from the U.S., including quintessentially American goods like Harley-Davidson bikes and cranberries, in... [Read More]
Welcome to the age of the space force.Monday, President Donald Trump directed the Pentagon to create a "space force," a sixth branch of the United... [Read More]
Republicans Pat Roberts, Roy Blunt, Jerry Moran and Kevin Yoder are right to say we can't keep tearing children away from their migrant parents. But... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's senior adviser on immigration takes credit for the 'zero tolerance' immigration policy that has left thousands of migrant children in pens at... [Read More]
President Donald Trump must immediately end the "zero-tolerance" policy that his administration created: Separating children from their parents as they attempt to enter this country... [Read More]
On Monday, at a meeting of the National Space Council, President Donald Trump announced that he was directing the Pentagon to create a Space Force.... [Read More]
Wednesday promises to be a stormy one in Duluth — but not like the torrential rains that battered our homes over the weekend and washed away... [Read More]
Several months ago President Donald Trump "went postal" on Amazon, continuing his feud with Jeff Bezos, who is said to be the world's richest man,... [Read More]
What are we to make of President Donald Trump's summit with North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un? [Read More]
Gov. Mike Parson will lunch with President Donald Trump Thursday. [Read More]
Federal and State:• President Donald Trump, White House, Washington, D.C. 20500, 202-456-1111• Gov. John Kasich (R), Riffe Center, 30th Floor,... [Read More]