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The just-concluded Presidents Day holiday was, if anything, even more distanced from any sense of purpose than in previous years.Save for a few faint, half-hearted... [Read More]
Although the February holiday now known as President's Day — this year on Feb. 19 — is still officially on the books as Washington's Birthday,... [Read More]
President Trump criticizes the FBI, CNN, Obama — but not Russia. Hatch apologizes to ex-wives of former aide. Romney's campaign for the Senate. Happy Presidents... [Read More]
Welcome to You Write the Caption, the Charlotte Observer cartoon caption contest, an opportunity to test your wit and win a prize. Each Monday, Observer... [Read More]
Today is Presidents Day. [Read More]
Presidents Day honors a slave owner as well as the individual who freed all slaves in the United State. [Read More]
In a state named after a president, a day off for Presidents Day is a natural fit. The official federal recognition remains the "Washington's Birthday"... [Read More]
Hail to the Chiefs.Today is Presidents Day, which is the ideal time to brush up on some interesting facts about the occupants of the White... [Read More]
The strongest winter storm of the season is expected to move through Utah beginning Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Heavy snow is predicted... [Read More]
Monday is a holiday, though many people won't get a chance to observe it. Presidents Day means federal, state and local offices will be closed.... [Read More]
For many of us the holiday means a three-day weekend, but it should also serve as a reminder of the great leaders of America's past. [Read More]
We all know that our first President George Washington's birthday is on Feb. 22. Isn't it? Well not quite – George was actually born on... [Read More]