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Rosana Guernica is putting the abstract concepts of her background in business and economics to work in the real world. [Read More]
Without major outside investment, the damage caused by Hurricane Maria could lower Puerto Rican incomes by 21 percent over the next 15 years, $180 billion... [Read More]
The hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico has called attention to a series of unhappy facts. Namely:... [Read More]
Gun control laws could prevent massacres like the one that just happened in Las Vegas, and a police encounter that unfolded this week in Fort... [Read More]
WASHINGTON: More than 80 percent of Puerto Rico is still in the dark, more than a third of its residents still have no clean drinking... [Read More]
Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Having a president suggest he will abandon them is appalling. [Read More]
President Donald Trump punched back hard against the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who accused him of insufficient concern about her island. In doing... [Read More]
It's only three weeks since the island was devastated by hurricanes, but the president can't be bothered with it anymore. [Read More]
Regardless of what your opinion may be of President Donald Trump, he made the right call when he waived the Jones Act that was slowing... [Read More]
It won't take "forever." But it's going to take months if not years to fully restore Puerto Rico to safety and relative prosperity. And President... [Read More]
Puerto Rico is a mess. But it was a mess before Hurricane Maria swept through with new misery three weeks ago. Electricity is still at... [Read More]
Puerto Rico still needs a lot of help. Eighty-percent of the island is still without power. CBS Correspondent David Begnaud has been on the ground... [Read More]
The contrast Thursday on Puerto Rico could not have been clearer, with President Donald Trump threatening to shut down the federal relief efforts even as... [Read More]
Trump reinvents time with Puerto Rico storm damage - or how 'every step of the way' just ran out of steps. [Read More]
Not since Michael D. Brown got that "heckuva job" praise over the federal government's Hurricane Katrina response and then resigned over his poor performance for... [Read More]
The people of Puerto Rico can't yet talk of rebuilding, or even recovery. They are focused on survival.Three weeks after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico,... [Read More]
The people of Puerto Rico can't yet talk of rebuilding, or even recovery. They are focused on survival. [Read More]
Reading about the recent devastation by hurricanes in the Gulf and Caribbean makes us wonder if anyone in Hawaii is really cognizant of how destructive... [Read More]
Wiping out creditors would simply enable more dysfunction. [Read More]
Some residents of Puerto Rico may have no choice but to leave their island home while its infrastructure is being rebuilt. The least we can... [Read More]