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Congress is in the final wrestling match stage of creating a $1.5 trillion tax reform package. You know Republicans want to get the deal done,... [Read More]
Democrats and their many good friends in the Beltway news media have been working overtime to convince everyone that Republican tax reforms, which are still... [Read More]
Congress is now in the final wrestling match stage of creating a $1.5 trillion tax reform package. House and Senate Republicans must resolve differences in... [Read More]
Hedge-fund managers are an easy target, but we don't even benefit from the status quo. [Read More]
Latino Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on that much. [Read More]
In principle, members of our editorial board believe in lower taxes to the federal government for everyone who pays them - individuals, families, businesses -... [Read More]
The city of Seattle should end its lawsuit pursuing an illegal income tax, which was decisively rejected by a judge. There are better ways to... [Read More]
The nine-term congressman has yet to tell Oregonians his stance on federal tax reform that could disproportionately hurt the state. [Read More]
After nearly a year of very modest resistance to Donald Trump, the old-time Republican establishment has finally thrown in the sponge, with Senate acceptance of... [Read More]
Competing versions of the Republican tax plan cleared both chambers of Congress in the last two weeks. [Read More]
Here's an arresting statistic: in the United States, a country of 150 million registered voters, about 30,000 people account for 50 cents of every dollar... [Read More]
Tax reform is our main focus in Congress right now, and many beneficial provisions for the agriculture economy are advancing with this effort. We know... [Read More]
Last week, after years of discussion over tax reform ideas, the Senate passed legislation that will provide tax cuts for middle-class families and make our... [Read More]
Congress' attempt at so-called tax reform would do more harm than good.Economists on both ends of the political spectrum agreed in reporting undeniable benefits for... [Read More]
House and Senate Republicans seem to be coming to their senses — a little bit, anyway — on the subject of tax reform. With both... [Read More]
Pretty much every glowing claim about the GOP tax plan made in a Chicago Tribune editorial on Tuesday is hogwash. [Read More]
The U.S. Senate has narrowly passed a corner-turning tax reform bill, with the ball back in the House's court. Republicans — Democrats are not really... [Read More]
"Tax reform is taking over Washington, so much so that more than half of all registered lobbyists have disclosed working on the issue, according to... [Read More]
Several contentious provisions could still derail success... [Read More]
In their rush to pass something, anything, that they can call "tax reform," congressional Republicans have achieved the impossible: They have made an awful plan... [Read More]