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Egypt Covington was found dead on Friday night in her home in the 45000 block of Hull Road in Van Buren Township, Fox 2 Detroit... [Read More]
UAE: Longer-Term Isolation For Qatar Possible If 13 Demands Not Met ... [Read More]
Balloons, body paint, joy and mourning — across the world Sunday, Muslims gathered to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan, and the... [Read More]
The United States says some demands on Qatar (KUH'-tur) by its Mideast neighbors "will be very difficult to meet." But the U.S. isn't rejecting the... [Read More]
Egypt is waging its own war against homegrown and international extremism, and needs U.S. help in more ways than one, experts say. [Read More]
Last week in Berlin, in a rented room at the Protestant Johanniskirche, Seyran Ateş, a 54-year old lawyer, women's rights campaigner and imam-in-training, opened Germany's... [Read More]
Mary Brock (left) of Florissant and Deb Angelbeck of O'Fallon, Mo., in front of the Great Sphinx and pyramid in Giza, Egypt. [Read More]
Egypt Covington was discovered in the house where she lived in Belleville, Michigan, on Friday night. Police have launched a murder investigation and are appealing... [Read More]
Global Forecast as of 12:00 GMT Thursday, March 16, 2017 City/Town, Country;Thursday's High Temp (F);Thursday's Low Temp (F);Friday's Weather Condition;Friday's High Temp (F);Friday's Low... [Read More]
Global Forecast as of 12:00 GMT Thursday, March 16, 2017 City/Town, Country;Thursday's High Temp (C);Thursday's Low Temp (C);Friday's Weather Condition;Friday's High Temp (C);Friday's Low... [Read More]
The Scorpion King wasn't just a big screen action hero played by The Rock, he was an Egyptian king. Patrick McGovern, the author of "Ancient... [Read More]
The Turkish president says he welcomes Doha's rejection of the sweeping demands by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. [Read More]
Seyran Ateş's Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque allows men and women to pray together and rejects burqa and niqab... [Read More]
No need to head to Egypt to pet a camel.An Amish family in Rebuck has expanded its farm to include a 20-acre petting zoo featuring... [Read More]
The United States has something in comon with countries like Kuwait, The Bahamas, Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. They all have many obese people among their population. [Read More]
On Friday, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt handed a 13-point ultimatum to Qatar. The list contains demands Doha needs to meet... [Read More]
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday welcomed Qatar's dismissal of a sweeping list of demands from Saudi Arabia and its allies in an escalating... [Read More]
Egypt's president on Saturday ratified a disputed 2016 agreement under which his country would transfer control of two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi A... [Read More]
The plague outbreak of the mid-1300s, known widely as the Black Death because of the black, festering sores it produced on the bodies of its... [Read More]
The President counts on Saudi Arabia as a key ally, but street protests broke out last year, angering Egyptians over the concession of the Red... [Read More]
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