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HomeServe USA completed a new Tennessee call center operation to accommodate an additional 175 jobs, pushing its employee base there to 500 people over time.... [Read More]
Solar technology is driving the future of clean energy for Nevadans and Americans everywhere. We need policies in Washington that will continue to boost the... [Read More]
Prescriptions for opioids dropped 12 percent in 2017, believed to be the biggest decline in nearly 25 years. [Read More]
Wages for new workers in the United States were 5% higher in March than a year ago, according to private-sector payroll data provided to CNNMoney... [Read More]
Apr 25, 2018--Most communities have them. Prime locations for commercial or industrial development that sit idle, waiting for someone to redevelop them. [Read More]
When Lori Jo Rieber applied for the position she now holds - executive assistant to the president and CEO at The Village Family Service Center... [Read More]
Tuesday's top personal finance stories... [Read More]
Gov. Ralph Northam announced Tuesday Central Virginia Manufacturing will expand its operations in Bedford County, creating nine new jobs. [Read More]
Gov. Deal touts state fin tech as he announces InComm jobs in Georgia... [Read More]
The idea that the government should guarantee anyone who wants one a good job is gathering just a tiny bit of steam. This idea is... [Read More]
Even though some new stores are opening, as long as Alaska's economy is contracting, retail jobs will follow suit, the state labor department said. [Read More]
James Baggott, editor-in-chief of Car Dealer magazine and a man who is plugged in to what the feeling is on car sales forecourts across the... [Read More]
As Bergner's and other Bon-Ton Stores begin their liquidation sales, employment and economic development officials say that retail stores are adapting. [Read More]
The Boulder region is tops in the state for employment. [Read More]
The State of Massachusetts added 4,700 jobs in the month of March, while the unemployment remained at 3.5 percent, the Executive Office of Labor and... [Read More]
Ohio unemployment fell a bit last month... [Read More]
Rhode Island lost 500 jobs in the month of March while the unemployment rate dropped to 4.5%, according to the RI Department of Labor and... [Read More]
Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Horsey is a syndicated political cartoonist.  See more of David's work at: [Read More]
It's tucked away on a side road in Burgaw, yet legendary rock groups such as The Who, ZZ Top and Rush trust one Pender County... [Read More]
Job losses jolted the Bay Area during March, and a review of how the region's employment market is doing in 2018 suggests the area economy... [Read More]