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just about every major tech company... [Read More]
The notion of using a phone to power a computer isn't new -- we've seen companies like HP and Motorola try, and ultimately fail, to... [Read More]
A veteran Mass Effect player and a complete novice walk into a bar. This isn't the beginning of a terrible joke: Instead, it's the... [Read More]
In recent months, Instagram has taken some long-overdue steps to reduce abuse on its platform and generally make the experience better and safer for all... [Read More]
"Coffee Meets Bagel," a dating app that promises high-quality matches, has launched a rather pricey premium tier. The company's cofounder told VentureBeat that... [Read More]
Destiny had a rocky start, but the first-person space shooter eventually ended up living up to the promise it showed back when it was announced.... [Read More]
Artificial intelligence can help satellites and other spacecraft observe interesting phenomena before humans even spot them. Case in point: NASA's Earth Observing 1 (EO-1) spacecraft... [Read More]
Last December, I bought a pair of jeans from Uniqlo. That was the only time I purchased clothing from a brick-and-mortar store in all of... [Read More]
Android Wear smartwatches are saddled with the problem that the tech companies making them suck at fashion design. So it's good news that one of... [Read More]
Today on In Case You Missed It: The thought of watching a plant grow seems, well boring. But researchers from the Institute of Science and... [Read More]
Since its launch in January, Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump art piece has been mired in controversy. In its short life, "He Will Not Divide Us" has... [Read More]
It's been almost two months since PC parts maker Corsair teased its first whole computer, giving us nothing but a name and a single picture... [Read More]
It's no wonder people are so fervently concerned with privacy when little by little, it seems harder to maintain. You could now be denied entry... [Read More]
Walmart's Vudu streaming arm has unveiled the "first mobile offering" to convert nearly 8,000 movies on DVD and Blu-ray to digital HD files, it says.... [Read More]
YouTube video creators are fighting against the video service's filter screening out LGBTQ+ voices, while on the other end, advertisers are worried about a diff... [Read More]
Fossil swore that it would introduce smartwatches across all its brands, and it's definitely making good on that promise... although the result is a tad... [Read More]
Founded in 2005, cleverbridge provides global subscription billing solutions that help companies build long-term customer relationships and grow... [Read More]
Wells Fargo's pilot trial for cardless withdrawals must have gone well, because the bank is rolling out the feature to all of its 13,000 ATMs... [Read More]
We knew that subscriptions were coming to the popular blogging platform, Medium. But, we didn't know the full details of what'd be included or the... [Read More]
Remember how Google let American political candidates post content directly to search results last year? You're about to see a lot more of that. As... [Read More]