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In our line of work, everywhere is an office. Particularly at trade shows and other big events, you can find Engadget editors writing stories in... [Read More]
Match Group, which owns Tinder, and OKCupid, recently filed a lawsuit against Bumble, claiming that its rival violated two of its patents. Now Bumble... [Read More]
Thus far, Facebook leadership has been largely silent about the ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal -- a fact that's disturbing to many of the service's millions... [Read More]
Snap has teamed up with a handful of partners to create new Lenses and new tools for the Lens Studio, which can make designing AR... [Read More]
Capybara Games announced Below during Microsoft's 2013 E3 conference, sandwiched between details about the Xbox One, which would hit retail later that year. When it... [Read More]
In January, rumors surfaced that Jimmy Iovine would be leaving Apple Music later this year, but he denied the reports, saying there was still more... [Read More]
If you're averse to change, then you might not like Netflix's most recent announcement. According to It's Nice That, the streaming service is changing its... [Read More]
If you're interested in the HTC Vive Focus VR headset but you don't live in China, you've basically been out of luck. That is, until... [Read More]
Amnesty International's latest report discusses what a lot of Twitter's female users already know: the social network is toxic for women. The non-government organization says... [Read More]
Welcome to the hump! The problems for Cambridge Analytica and Facebook won't stop, we have some intriguing indie games across several consoles as well as... [Read More]
While calls to limit or eliminate their presence on Facebook have increased since the recent reports of how Cambridge Analytica allegedly used data from the... [Read More]
One of the best things about attending GDC is that, more often than not, you come across some of the best-looking independent titles. Today, that... [Read More]
Last year, Roku launched a free, ad-supported film channel available to those with a Roku player, stick or TV in the US. Now, the company... [Read More]
Uber is facing still more legal trouble over its accessibility issues. Texas resident D'Edra Steele has sued the ridesharing company for allegedly denying her 25... [Read More]
At the same time Cambridge Analytica announced it's suspending CEO Alexander Nix, Channel 4 News released a second report on the company based on undercover... [Read More]
Samsung's Galaxy Tab Active2 is available starting today for $420 if you go the WiFi route; there's also an LTE option available on AT&T and... [Read More]
YouTube has a new way to lure you away from broadcasting on services like Twitch: make it as easy as possible. The service has launched... [Read More]
As the Cambridge Analytica scandal continues to develop, the company has now announced that its board has suspended CEO Alexander Nix. Cambridge Analytica says that... [Read More]
Instagram is betting on shopping as its next big step, and that means making it available beyond US borders. Accordingly, the social photo service... [Read More]
As is custom for Blizzard, last month the company dropped a couple hints on Overwatch's Twitter account before announcing a new hero and immediately adding... [Read More]
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