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It's not just domain registrars and game chat services that are cracking down on neo-Nazis in the wake of the racism-fuelled violence in Charlottesville. Facebo... [Read More]
In the age of online-only Overwatch, you might think to yourself, 'I'd love this hero shooter stuff if it was in a single-player campaign.' You... [Read More]
Back in March, Wizards of the Coast announced a new digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons that would eliminate the agony of paperwork in the... [Read More]
It's not just Amazon that's bringing an arguably overdue video service to the Apple TV in the near future. After a tease in June,... [Read More]
The latest wearable camera to hit the market comes from mesh WiFi product maker Ubiquiti Networks. The FrontRow camera is a small device that can... [Read More]
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich condemned hate speech and white supremacy on Twitter after the horrifying events in Charlottesville this weekend. On Monday, he resigne... [Read More]
EVE: Valkyrie was one of the first games Oculus used to show off one of its Rift prototypes, and since 2014, the game has been... [Read More]
Over the next few weeks, Facebook will be introducing a few updates to its News Feed that make it clearer and easier to navigate. First,... [Read More]
Facebook is beefing up its Camera functionality with a trio of Snapchat- and Instagram Live-inspired updates. Starting today, iOS and Android users have the abi... [Read More]
And no one batted an eyelash. [Read More]
Today, the popular live TV streaming service Sling announced a new browser-based player for Google Chrome. The feature is in beta but it's available to... [Read More]
Amazon may have introduced Instant Pickup today, but Target has news of its own. Yesterday, we reported that Target had purchased Grand Junction, a same-day... [Read More]
Allo, Google's beleaguered chat app that arrived on the iPhone and Android devices last year, finally has a web counterpart. Just a few minutes ago,... [Read More]
Google and its Alphabet parent haven't been shy about their interest in digital health, and now they're taking that curiosity in an unusual but potentially... [Read More]
Late last night, a bevy of tech companies -- including Apple, Google, Verizon, Twitter and Facebook -- filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the US Supreme... [Read More]
Making dumb things smart can have its benefits, but adding complexity to once-simple devices can also lead to unforeseen problems. It's a lesson smart lock... [Read More]
Crowdfunding platforms are taking a no-tolerance approach to campaigns raising money in support of James Fields, the man accused of driving a car into protester... [Read More]
Your LinkedIn activity could soon be used to keep tabs on you at work. On Monday, a US federal judge ruled that the Microsoft-owned social... [Read More]
MIT's new AI can keep streaming video from buffering via @engadget... [Read More]
The US is facing an agricultural worker shortage, along with aging farm owners, at the same time it juggles demand in food from a global... [Read More]