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Business Insider reports today that MoviePass will start charging surge prices for certain movies during particular times. When the app deems a showing to be... [Read More]
A smattering of PC games are tracking where you go and what you do on the internet when you aren't playing. Reddit sleuths have discovered... [Read More]
Facebook Messenger's built-in AI assistant can now translate messages from Spanish to English (and vice versa) for you, whatever it is you and your friend... [Read More]
Volvo has a new goal with its popular XC90 crossover SUV: to make commuting a semi-automatic process thanks to level 4 self-driving technology. The Senior... [Read More]
Yesterday, Tesla filed a lawsuit against a former employee, Martin Tripp, who allegedly stole gigabytes of data from the company and shared it with unspecified... [Read More]
Bloomberg reports today that earlier this year, a group of Google employees refused to work on a security tool that would have opened up more... [Read More]
If you're reading this you're probably a filmmaker or someone who might like to become a filmmaker. If so, you already know that the Ronin... [Read More]
Scavengers Studio made its battle royale brawler Darwin Project free-to-play for PC in April, leaving Xbox players wondering if they have no choice but to... [Read More]
We're used to seeing the likes of Wii avatars crudely banging at pianos or sawing away at violins, but Facebook is now working on an... [Read More]
At last, you don't have to call out Google Assistant by name every time when you want to issue a command. As promised at I/O,... [Read More]
Go east in Brooklyn, New York, past the blockchain software startups, gentrified co-working spaces and Edison-bulbed cocktail bars, and you reach Brownsville. In a former... [Read More]
It's a Thursday morning, so that means Facebook has an announcement to share regarding its fight against fake news. The social network says it has... [Read More]
Match Group, the company that owns Tinder, has bought a controlling stake in Hinge, which was redesigned to cater to individuals seeking relationships instead of... [Read More]
White House adviser Stephen Miller is widely regarded as the person behind the Trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy that has taken children away from... [Read More]
Many of us are using CarPlay and Android Auto to essentially replace the infotainment systems in our cars. Automakers like Audi, Mercedes, and really anyone... [Read More]
Microsoft has overhauled its MSN News app for mobile. As you might expect, it's curated for your interests, offers breaking news alerts, support for widgets... [Read More]
Consider yourself a Westworld superfan? Now you can prove it. Ahead of the season finale, HBO is launching its first full-scale Alexa voice skill with... [Read More]
Today, CNBC reported that Tesla is suing a former employee named Martin Tripp. The lawsuit centers around the alleged theft of gigabytes worth of proprietary... [Read More]
Hyundai and Audi have reached a deal that will allow the two to share their hydrogen car technology, Reuters reports. Both companies will have access... [Read More]
Once a big player in smartphones, HTC is now better known for its Vive VR headsets than anything else. The firm offloaded the team responsible... [Read More]