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ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live clocked its best-ever Brooklyn-trip household rating – a season high 2.6/7 – kicking off a week of broadcasts from Brooklyn, according... [Read More]
Day one, night one, of "Jimmy Kimmel Live's" Long Island edition began Monday -- Long Island only if you consider Brooklyn "Long Island," which no... [Read More]
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Jimmy Kimmel is gearing up to grill Madison Avenue once more. Since 2002, ABC has trotted its late-night host on to the stage during its... [Read More]
Take note, Twitter trolls. [Read More]
The ABC late-night host and David Letterman's former musical director hit the road, interviewing residents of the New York City borough and greeting a surprise... [Read More]
Mr. Kimmel was joined by Paul Shaffer, Amy Schumer and other prominent guests on his first broadcast of the week from his hometown. [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel is taking his show on the road! [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel said that while he was worried his increasingly political show might cost him some of his less political fans, right now he doesn't... [Read More]
A lot has happened since Jimmy Kimmel was last in Brooklyn, New York. Donald Trump was elected president, late night TV has become a regular... [Read More]
Mr. Kimmel, the star of ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," discusses the attention he has received for some politically pointed monologues. [Read More]
The home of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" may be in Hollywood, but the host remains just as close to his relatives in Brooklyn as The Brooklyn... [Read More]
The late-night host brings 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' to Brooklyn after headline-making political segments on universal healthcare and gun control. [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel is back in Brooklyn, his birthplace, with a week full of shows jam packed with some of the biggest names from the Empire... [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel speaks with the New York Times about his newfound political voice during the Trump administration. [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel addresses the notion that his healthcare monologues were created by Democrats and Trump Jr's 'cries for attention.'... [Read More]
Dozens of crew members took to the streets here today around the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Howard Gilman Opera House, wheeling in lumber, chairs, even... [Read More]
Jimmy's Brooklyn guests will include as Amy Schumer, Billy Joel and David Letterman. [Read More]
TV host Jimmy Kimmel was always the lovable frat boy of late-night, often more playful than political. But Kimmel put comedy on hold when his... [Read More]
Other people may be talking about Jimmy Kimmel as America's moral conscience, but he is firmly rejecting that characterization. [Read More]