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Rebecca Mead on what the new "Peter Rabbit" movie, directed by Will Gluck, gets wrong about Beatrix Potter's storytelling. [Read More]
Glee and excitement pervade in "Peter Rabbit" from the first frame to the finale, but between the moments of triumph are instances of darkness. [Read More]
By Paul Hall Beatrix Potter's character Peter Rabbit first appeared in an 1893 letter and became the centerpiece of The Tale of Peter Rabbit in... [Read More]
With most of the award-season movies out of the way and the annual deluge of blockbusters yet to come, next month offers an eclectic mix at... [Read More]
The whimsical tales of beloved children's author and illustrator Beatrix Potter are currently getting a boost at the box office in the hyper-kinetic kids' film... [Read More]
A new set of coins will commemorate Beatrix Potter's Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies, originally published over 100 years ago. ... [Read More]
Peter Rabbit paints an idyllic fairytale of lush green fields while Clio Barnard's Yorkshire farming drama Dark River gives us the hard truth about rural... [Read More]
This being 2018, I suppose it's only to be expected that Peter Rabbit should try to sodomize the farmer with a carrot. Fortunately for Mr.... [Read More]
Listen to Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig sing on his original demo for the live action Peter Rabbit soundtrack. [Read More]
Vampire Weekend's 'M79,' 'The Kids Don't Stand a Chance,' and 'Cousins' are featured in the movie as well. [Read More]
"I Promise You" was originally sung by James Corden on the film's soundtrack... [Read More]
Film critic Michael Cook joins Fox 16 Good Day to review two of the latest films to hit theaters. [Read More]
Last week, we heard "I Promise You," a song Ezra Koenig cowrote for the animated children's film Peter Rabbit as performed by James Corden who... [Read More]