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US President Donald Trump served as a punching bag in a late Sunday debate among the four leading contenders in Mexico's July 1 presidential election. [Read More]
President Donald Trump has wrenched the United States back to the brink of a constitutional showdown after a weekend of rage culminated in his demand... [Read More]
On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted. And tweeted. And tweeted. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday that the obstruction probe will be over by September 1, according to a New York Times... [Read More]
For thousands of undocumented young men and women, a judge's order in January amounted to a reprieve _ a chance to renew their legal protections... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Sunday that he will demand that his Justice Department look into whether it or the FBI spied on his presidential campaign... [Read More]
German companies are concerned that U.S. President Donald Trump is increasingly thinking only of America rather than just putting his country first, the head of... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State John Kerry trolled President Donald Trump on Sunday while delivering a graduation commencement address in the United Arab Emirates. ... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Sunday claimed that The New York Times had vindicated him in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. "Things are really getting... [Read More]
The season finale of "Saturday Night Live" featured a comedic sketch of President Donald Trump and his associates in a parody of the famous series-ending... [Read More]
The mayor of Oakland is firing back at President Donald Trump over his suggestion that the Department of Justice investigate her for obstruction of justice. [Read More]
Sean Spicer probably won't be playing defense on these tweets. [Read More]
Jay Z reportedly convinced fellow rapper Meek Mill to skip an important meeting with President Donald Trump... [Read More]
President Donald Trump surprised Robert Wilkie Friday by announcing he would nominate the acting secretary of Veterans Affairs to lead the agency. [Read More]
He is the Republican Party's most powerful political weapon. Yet as the GOP fights to defend its delicate House and Senate majorities, President Donald Trump... [Read More]

Gunfire erupted early Friday at President Donald Trump's Miami-area golf resort, as a Florida man shouting anti-Trump rhetoric fired into the hotel lobby's chandelier and... [Read More]

Celebrities and politicians have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Friday's shooting at a Santa Fe, Texas, high school that left at... [Read More]
Eight to 10 students were killed in the country's latest school shooting today, with the suspected gunman – a fellow student of Texas' Santa Fe... [Read More]