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Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast After perfecting his spot-on portrayal of Donald Trump on Comedy Central's The President Show, and in this week's mockumentary... [Read More]
Singer Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson called off their engagement earlier this month, but the "Saturday Night Live" star reportedly still has hope for relationship... [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson joked about his recent breakup with singer Ariana Grande during a standup routine in West Hollywood this weekend. [Read More]
The president of the Baltimore police union called a recent "Saturday Night Live" sketch portraying city officers a "grossly inapt portrayal," in a letter addressed... [Read More]
In conjunction with National Bullying Prevention Month, Defeat the Label will host a weekend of activities to bring anti-bullying awareness, education and prevention to Metro... [Read More]
Ariana Grande is leaning on her family just days after splitting from Pete Davidson. Last week, the songstress and the Saturday Night Live star... [Read More]
Following his star-studded performance on Saturday Night Live with special guests John Mayer, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and producer Mike Dean, Travis Scott is sharing... [Read More]
The Baltimore Police Union wrote in an open letter to "Saturday Night Live" that it found a recent sketch titled "Traffic Stop" was a "grossly... [Read More]
Pete Davidson is slowly but surely making his way back into the public eye. The Saturday Night Live cast member was seen taking a... [Read More]
There are few gigs in modern TV more fraught with the potential to out yourself as a massive asshole than hosting Saturday Night Live. Pretty... [Read More]
The leadership of Baltimore's police union isn't laughing at a "Saturday Night Live" skit. [Read More]
The leader of Baltimore's police union isn't laughing at a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch that depicted the city's officers. [Read More]
Comedic legends and Saturday Night Live alumni Steve Martin and Martin Short will be making a stop in San Antonio next year. [Read More]
Bruce Dern (Big Love), Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory) and Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live, Glow) have signed on as guest stars on Black... [Read More]
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson aren't the first celebrity couple to call off an engagement. Over the weekend, news broke that the pop... [Read More]
Tonight's Hallmark movie "Under the Harvest Moon" stars Wes Brown and Lindy Booth at a dude ranch. Seth Meyers hosts "Saturday Night Live" with Paul... [Read More]
The pop star and 'Saturday Night Live' actor reportedly ended their relationship and engagement over the weekend, according to TMZ, after five months of highly... [Read More]
If "Saturday Night Live" catches wind of a story for its "Weekend Update" segment, you know it must be bizarre.That was exactly the case with... [Read More]
If "Saturday Night Live" catches wind of a story for its "Weekend Update" segment, you know it must be bizarre. That was exactly the... [Read More]
Just hours before news of their split went public, Ariana Grande was with Pete Davidson at the Saturday Night Live broadcast... [Read More]