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Friends and collaborators of the late Walter Becker discuss how his troubled life and musical genius fed into the dark sophistication of Steely Dan. [Read More]
For years, anyone who wanted to use the bathroom while visiting Walter Becker's studio in the countryside of Maui was directed outside. There, mounted on... [Read More]
Issued 40 years ago this week, Steely Dan's sixth studio album "Aja" is still a demarcation point for a great divide among rock listeners. The... [Read More]
We remember them for their comedy (Jerry Lewis, Dick Gregory), the music that will remain in rotation (Steely Dan's Water Becker, Glen Campbell), their impact... [Read More]
McDonald on Becker: "He seemed to value every human being he ever met." [Read More]
The band 'made promises that my uptight teenage self needed to hear,' he writes... [Read More]
Of the many musicians who have passed through Steely Dan's ranks and worked with the late Walter Becker, Michael McDonald is among the most... [Read More]
I first heard their music when I played an arrangement of their tune "Black Cow" in high school jazz band. There was something about its... [Read More]
What respectable A&R man today would allow a band to consist of two men called Walter and Donald? Walter Becker and Donald Fagen — surely... [Read More]
"Steely Dan were neither sweet nor warm. They were sharp and cutting." [Read More]
The band 'wrote the book on producing the pristine pop song,' says Reed... [Read More]
Marc Alghini is the program director and morning on-air personality at 99.9 WWCT. He has overseen a gradual evolution in the live music scene in... [Read More]
Music of Becker's scope 'will probably not be seen again in this world,' says the musician and novelist... [Read More]
Steely Dan's most high-profile gigs of the summer were at the Classic East and Classic West all-star classic-rock festivals, opening for The Eagles. But guitarist-cofounder... [Read More]
Another legend is no more and the rock world is in shock. The death on September 3 of Walter Becker, co-founder of the band Steely... [Read More]
They wrote about scammers and schemers and broken people who occupied the fringes of life. [Read More]
Steely Dan deserves much of the blame for making me the weirdo I've been throughout my adult life. [Read More]
In a heartfelt tribute to Walter Becker of Steely Dan, who passed away Tuesday morning (Sept. 3), Zac Brown performed a rendition of "Reelin... [Read More]
This week's discography covers Steely Dan, since the music world lost Walter Becker on September 3. Here is a selected Steely Dan record discography. [Read More]
Esteemed Rock & Roll artist Donald Fagen has recruited young musicians The Nightflyers to form a new group of incredible musical talent.  We've got 5 pairs of... [Read More]